Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mailed on Tuesday, Sept 16th, right after landing in Mexico City.



ok juuuust a heads up this keyboard is straight up CRAZY so please excuse my less than accurate grammar. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS GOING THROUGH MY HEAD RIGHT NOW AND THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. I cannot believe that I am actually in Zac Quists beloved land, Mexico city. I had a great day. Seriously it has been so fun and the absolute epitome of adventure.


I have just been out of my mind excited today. I got on the plane to Dallas, and nothing terribly eventful happened on that flight. I sat next to a really cool guy who was way chill.  I just read PMG (the missionary handbook) like no body’s business because I wanted to finish it before I got to the mtc (missionary training center). Goal accomplished. anywayyyyy. I got to Dallas, dad thanks for the tram tip bc I knew exactly what to do. no sweat.


I immediately checked the flight board to see if my flight was delayed because KYLIE HIRSCHI (cousin and college roommate who is also going on a mission and is heading to Portugal today) WAS GETTING TO DALLAS AT 540 PM AND I WAS LEAVING DALLAS AT 535. Alas, there was no delay. My heart broke a little bit when I had to board that plane. I stared at the stairs to my gate as long as possible to see if she would come running down. to no avail. That was maybe one of the hardest moments bc I knew we were so close!! But it is ok. I met two lovely Elders (male missionaries) at the Dallas airport. hahahaha they are sooooooo funny!! We have been cracking up all day. Elder Christofferson is from Fresno, and Elder Manning is from southern Cal. 19 and 18 respectively.  We have been chatting away and so excited and just loving this exhausting day. The three of us were the only lds missionaries and we grabbed a bite and got on the plane.


The second flight was a little different than the first. I got on the plane, and this is what I heard, ´aspdiufhañekfioludhfioasduhfoiuashdfipuhawiaeiu´ in other words, the language of spanish. FULL IMMERSION FIRST DAY PEOPLE. WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IS GOING ON HERE????????


Additionally, some tips for the human race. Don’t open lotion in a pressurized cabinet. And after you do that anyways, and learn that it will explode all over you, don’t open your water bottle IN YOUR FACE and have it spray you in the face bc the Mexican lady next to you will NOT laugh and you will not know how to handle the situation. Instead you will awkwardly wipe the water off your face and muffle embarrassed laughter.


The plane ride  was so awesome.  Every time I would look at Elder Christofferson I would crack up laughing bc he always had this bewildered look on his face. He is sooo good though. He is really energetic and loves the mission already.


Oh and a girl in front of me lost something and was asking me to help her find it in Spanish. I got the general idea and I tried to help but I kept saying, “uhhhh lo siento!!!”. We flew over Mexico city after a quick flight and it is gigantic!!! I had no idea and the lights were soooo pretty. We landed and we went through customs, made some friends. Mexico. What a place.


We found the MTC personnel and guess what folks??? no ingles!!!  Perfect!  hahah. We had no idea what was going on. They asked us some stuff, we tried to respond. They took us to a van and we tried to make exchanges in Spanish. we did pretty well actually. so that was fun. Mexican drivers are que loco fyi.


So we are here. I ALREADY LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I love it. The spirit is strong here and I know I am not alone. I feel so great and just keep laughing and smiling. Bring on the challenge.


Let the games begin!

Sis Hirschi

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