Friday, February 28, 2014

Anger, Greed and Stupidity.

According to an elderly man we met with today, those are the three vices of the world. 




 The third clearly being the most malicious. Also he said this--

'We cannot impart our wisdom to an idiot'. 

Cue self-induced choking to hide/disguise laughter. I couldn’t agree more with you old chap. That quote comes from leader of the Masons here in Belize. Although I’m not sure if we're teaching him or if he's teaching us. He is a fun guy no doubt. Maybe his punch-lines are poorly delivered but he gives it his all.

 Well, we weren’t attacked by American hippies this week, soooo. Basically, it was a great week! Nah but really I have very little to share with you all. Except that the antics of a crazy old man made my companion cry this week. He got down on one knee and we thought he would propose (this is J***, the man whose wife was in the hospital after we taught them a week or two ago) but he was in actuality yelling at us to inform us that he would not go to our church, ever. It was all very dramatic but I kept thinking the following: 'Get up off-a that floor. Get up off-a that floor...and dance!' *I hope you guys know that song* Regrettably he did not. 
It was really an awful experience. Sad more than anything else. 

 Which leads me to this. Sometimes as a missionary you struggle to think you are helping people. Sure. But the Lord blesses you. A lot. Everyday. I read this today and it is changing my life. 

Prayer is not a negotiation process. It is an alignment process. We don’t move God to our point of view. Prayer is less about changing our circumstances and more about changing us. It is about seeking His will and asking for His help to do what we need to do. When we align our will with Heavenly Father’s will, answers and spiritual power will flow more freely. Following this pattern allows us to pray with faith.

Elder Kevin Pearson--Ensign 2013

 And then I realized my prayers are the worst. But prayer is so beautiful and so powerful and I for one take it for granted. I know that God’s way is always the best way. Not popular opinion and not necessarily just what makes sense to us. That's why we always have to PRAYand ask. 

 We did have some really wonderful lessons this week too. One with a young man named A** (19) who is anxious to change his life. I just wish I could articulate how everything I have seen in a short 5 months has instilled in me such a conviction that the principles of the gospel are the only way to truth and happiness. P**** is just drumming right along. He is reading the Book of Mormon but he talks for literally 68 hours every time we see him which makes teaching a challenge something terrible. 

One time I woke up in the morning and there was a dead gecko on our floor being devoured by ants. I was severely disgusted at this display of animal cruelty. 

 Sorry for the scattered ideas in this email. I love you all. I especially love my family. Family life is the key to happiness. I love the Gospel and I know second only to the atonement...the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith is the greatest gift God has given his children. I testify I testify I testify. IT IS THE TRUTH. I'll testify of the Savior to my grave. It’s the most important knowledge we have in this life, and the most important relationship we have is with Him. 

Until next week, 

Sister Hirschi

What’s up? I’m preachy! 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spanish, Kriol AND German?

Happy 5 months. 

Wait what? 

I know. I know. It’s a little uncanny, but I’m taking it in stride. Along with all the other daily dramas. 

So remember my list of languages to learn, lets add German please. YES PLEASE. WE went to a little town in Belize called Spanish Lookout this week. It was settle by the German Mennonites and basically it’s another country. And they speak German. No joke. I racked my brain relentlessly for my 8th grade German to come back to me. I retrieved the following: 

Guten tag. 


 And that’s it. Good luck teaching the restored gospel. 
Nevertheless, we had some success because the Mennonites more or less can sometimes mostly understand English. I have some included some photos of the giant SL sign outside their city. 

 But to be succinct, the Mennonites are very kind and very courteous and besides the first encounter we had with a very cold, very suspicious woman, they were welcoming and willing to listen to the message we had. Also did anyone know the Mennonites are LOADED. They control almost all agriculture in Belize and for it...they are rolling in cash. Hot tip. The outsiders sometimes refer to them as the money-nites. Haha very clever. 

I gave a talk in Spanish on Sunday ya'll. Yikes yikes bikes. My Spanish has taken a hit thanks to the Kriol. In other news, idda talk Kriol a lee bit. It’s a work in progress but I am getting there. 

So cool story. One time Sis R and I taught the law of chastity to J** and his companion JS simply because we teach the commandments of God. And one time, when we returned, J** told us we caused his partner to have a heart attack because we taught the law so strongly. She was in the hospital and if she died it was our fault. Shoot. Turns out the law of chastity is lethal. After the ugly accusations, we worked things out with J**. We are back on good terms and JS is hunkey-dory and readily acknowledges that it was not our teaching which caused her heart problems. But now I have a horrible reputation for killing people when I teach. 

One more cooler story. Meet PT. A man who was referred to us from the top. PT is a tour guide here in Belize for all the Americans who want to see the ruins. One day, an LDS tourist chats PT up about the Book of Mormon. Then said tourist goes home, and orders Pedro a Book of Mormon  online using PT's business card. Salt lake calls my mission, calls Belize, calls my zone leaders, calls me. I get a Book of Mormon and call PT...


.'hi...this is sister Hirschi....we want to bring you a Book of Mormon...'


and PT "how did you know I wanted a Book of Mormon???!?!"


Then me. "PT how do I get to your house?" (this is at night). 


"Just follow the light"

Iconic. PT had a huge floodlight at his house that he shined so we could come and find him. So I followed the light and found PT. PT was amazed that we knew he'd wanted to read the BOM. He was supremely impressed with the efficiency of our system and insisted that he pay us. Hahahahahah. 

Yeah right PT! 

Well we continued to talk to PT about the Book of Mormon and how Christ not only visited Jerusalem, but also his people in the Americas. PT was very excited about this and expressed that he always thought Christ would have gone to more people than just the Jews. He explained that he’d been in a serious accident recently and should've died. But he didn't and he believes God spared him for a reason. 

 I agree PT. The man is made of gold. 

So sometimes when everything in the week goes wrong, and you get attacked by 40 people who hate Mormons, you can get a little discouraged. But faith. Faith is where it’s at. It’s hard to have faith, but it’s a choice. And faith grows and if we persevere and trust in the Lord our faith will become knowledge. I know this gospel is true. I know it requires faith. But I also know the Lord wants to bless and reward us. I’m learning everyone. Sometimes I am a horrible missionary. Haha I’m pretty sure. But that’s the beauty of life...we're all getting better. 


Have a great week. 

I love you all. 

Write me. 

Sista Hirschi



Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Happy valentine's day everyone.

Don't hate. This is a great time to tell people you love that you love them!!! And a great time to eat chocolate. 

So this week, I continue to fall in love with Belize. And I continue to have ridiculous experiences. And I continue to work towards fluency in at least 3 languages. Spanish and Creole I have almost conquered. Creole is so much fun you guys. Just take English, throw grammar out the window, and make the words a little more exciting and you have Creole. 

But I want to share a few good times from the past week. One, I recently informed you all that I have a new blue bike. I learned this week that bikes can be hazardous to human health. For example, one day I was innocently and attentively riding my bike. I came to a small bridge and noted that there was a small puddle in the middle of the bridge. In my efforts to dodge the puddle, I panicked and rode off the bridge into a dark ditch. As I fell, I literally thought I was coming to the end of my life. I screamed--a strange scream. Turns out the ditch was not so deep as to kill me, and mostly I laughed at my own ineptitude in riding a bike. 

Someone pull out the bucket list because I crossed off a big one this week. My comp, Sis R, is an expert haggler here in Belize. After watching in awe as she haggled at a few stores, she agreed to teach me the art. I wanted a new pair of sunglasses, so we went to a stand. I picked up a pair of really fine knock-off ray bans. I say to the worker, 

 'how much for these?'


At this point, as directed by my teacher, I fastidiously study the glasses, releasing 0 facial expressions. I realize that I have to offer half of what he has suggested, but I am scared so I just study the glasses for another 2 minutes. No one needs to look at a pair of cheap glasses this long. Ever. But I am literally frozen with fear. finally...

 ' can you give them to me for 5?'


And in an effort to regain composure...

'ok 6.'

'no. the glasses are 10.'

 I was finished. I left defeated and empty handed. But my wise comp urged that we try again. So I did, feeling a little more at ease for asking a lower price. And round two....SUCCESS. I purchased a 40 dollar bag for 30. after extensive haggling. Basically, haggling is the most fun thing in the world and I’m addicted and I will haggle for the rest of my life. Watch out major American corporations bc I will never buy anything at full price again. Here I come Walmart Target and Costco. imma half price ya. 

Also, if some of you back home didn't notice, my skin is whiter than new fallen snow. But I believe that I have 1/24th drop of Indian blood in me (mom can you back me up on that??)--and for that I can tan relatively well. But I misjudged my ability to tan this week and experienced my first full blown burn on the mission. I have attached pictures so that you can sympathize with me. #skincancer2046

So, an update about our dear friend J**. We have been teaching J** for a while. J** is an elderly gentleman and is very prepared to hear the gospel  message. He is super humble and super willing to pray about what we have taught him. He has started reading the Book of Mormon as well--which is absolutely crucial to anyone's conversion. The thing about J** is that the man can quite literally talk faheva. Presenting a small challenge in teaching him. But he is moving right along. When he came to church he basically started teaching the class about faith. Gotta love it.

AND. We had a baptism this week!! Yay!! A little girl named K**. Her mom is a less active member but has been returning to church. She realizes that she needs to set an example for her young daughter in this mixed up world. I agree with her whole heartedly. K**'s faith is amazing. Children are easily entreated, and I am learning why Christ taught that only those who are as little children will enter His kingdom. Kids are soooo humble and have so much faith. They are also eager to please God. I am so impressed with their desires to be good! 
Well, I love you all and I am so grateful for your support. We’re pluggin right along. I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart. It is so powerful. One girl we taught this week said that as she read it she felt something like a fire inside of her. Ummmm...GOLDEN ANSWER. Haha but it's too true! I love Lehi's words:

And it came to pass that I beheld a atree, whose bfruit was desirable to make one chappy.

 11 And it came to pass that I did go forth and partake of the afruit thereof; and I beheld that it was most sweet, above all that I ever before tasted. Yea, and I beheld that the fruit thereof was white, to exceed all the bwhiteness that I had ever seen.


The gospel is that fruit! There is nothing sweeter than it. Remember who are...aka a child of God. Onward and upward ya'll. 

With Love, 

Sista Hirschi

Friday, February 7, 2014

Va Creer Man

Ok for starters. I just want to apologize for the lamest, least uplifting, least informative, and most stupid email of all time that I sent last week. I was practically on my death bed. 
Well folks, time keeps on slippin slippin slippin, into the future. Thanks space jam for those penetrating lyrics. Which seem to me to actually make very little sense. Shouldn't the time be slipping into the past? Who can say. (She's already 1/4 of the way done with her mission!)

 So in this very moment I am stressing out hard core about all the things I have to cover which passed in this week. As such, I will approach this email in a list-like fashion, employing the use of the alphabet to organize my ideas. Let’s ride. 

a. SOMEBODY. Please add 'plumber' to my resume/list of valuable and attractive skills. Hahah please. Because out here in the mission I’ve learned something. We have a little house and when something goes wrong--we just have to fix it ourselves. So this week our sink clogged up. I looked at it. I was befuddled and also determined to come out the victor (like my boys THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS). I started unscrewing things. I started removing critical parts. I got the most disgusting liquid on my hands. and...I FIXED IT. PS don’t waste your money on drain-o. 

b. We have secured for ourselves...brand new bikes!!! Wow. I love riding bikes. My childhood is rekindled each and every time I mount my shiny new bicycle. I am debating names for my bike. Right now it’s between Shadowfax and Hidalgo. Both great horses who took their riders to great success. The symbolism is pretty clear I think.  

c. I have become freakishly resourceful since beginning this mission. I baked two cakes in frying pans in a toaster. I am speaking the truth. The MI6 or CIA will be recruiting me any day now. 

d. Well, we have bikes now but we also have a TON of hills in Belize. This means that I am slowly yet surely developing thighs akin to Thor's. Thighs of Thor. It has a ring to it and I think I will make an exercise program in 14 months with that title. It’s gonna be a raging success. 

e. We are exploring the Mennonite frontier. I seriously can’t expound sufficiently on the diversity here in Belize. There are people from everywhere and the cool thing is that they keep their cultures. Next week my compa and I are going to an unopened area where all the MENNONITES live (think Amish people) to see if we can whet their appetites for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Good stories to come from that--next week on--the district. #insidemissionariesjokes

From the top of the temple ruins at Xuantinch
f. I have already nearly fallen off of my bike. I actually just hit a big rock and went lurching over the front of my handle bars and was bent perfectly in half.  My dignity is aching still because there was a crowd there and they were highly entertained. 

g. MORE RUINS. We went to
Xuantinch yesterday!! It is bigger AND better than our last ruins excursion. All of us missionaries made a movie at the ruins about a war. The tourists stared at us and I’m not sure what we have done to the church’s reputation. But on the top of this temple we could see all of Belize and into Guatemala. Basically, it was sweet. I am so obsessed with Belize you guys.


i. I LOVE JACOB CHAPTER 5. If you haven't read it lately, I highly recommend that you do so, with the Book of Mormon study manual to help you understand the symbols. I read it and it changed my life. It’s amazing how God has orchestrated everything. Absolutely everything is in His care. And He has told us about it from the beginning. That is the coolest part. He knows all things! There was always going to be a restoration of the gospel and we are in the climax of times right now! We are playing a very exciting part in God’s plan for His children. I’ve said it before but here I go again. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. Also I am absolutely sure that just like the incredible Stacey T--I will be my own greatest convert after this mission. 

ahhh too much. This email is too much and I’m fully aware yet I still have more to compartir con ustedes. (share with you). Remember who you are. Remember that I know this work is true and I love it. Remember to always hide your past rapping careers because if you don’t the Elders will find it and they will demand performances every 10 minutes. wite chok'lit is back (White Chocolate was Alaina’s rapping alter ego many moons ago)

hahah ok too much. Love you all and I hope you hear from you soon! Also remember how awesome and easy missionary work is. Ok there is my baby machete for you all! 


Love forever, 

Sister Hirschi