Friday, October 25, 2013

Hasta la Vista Mexico!

Ok. Ready, set, launch.

I leave for San Salvador on Monday. I know. I know. it is a difficult thing to believe that 6 weeks have passed. Nigh impossible. But thus it is. And I will be nearly devastated to leave Mexico. But as usual, some good stuff occurred this week. So let us begin.

Ok first off.
I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS TO EVER ROAM THE EARTH. Adam and Eve may give you guys a run for your money but I am doubtful. Because this week, this blessed, glorious week, I received a package, and you know what it was?? The best thing to ever come out of America...KRISPE KREME DONUTS. Oh how I danced and sang of my gratitude. My companions by now know that I am a little janky in the head so they joined in. I savored that donut, and I shared with my district. I’ve never seen 18 year old boys more grateful in my entire life. hahah They were so tender. But mom. dad. Thank you. You guys are the That is my second package in 2 weeks!! Unreal. So donuts. Great things.

I just want people to know that I have finally learned how to eat here in Mexico. For a while there it was rough. But I received a lot of concerned emails about my gastrointestinal tract and I want you all to know that I have finally learned the ways of navigation. I avoid all forms of beans, and most forms of meat, which means that pretty much I eat corn!! And rice!! And I pray every day that my body will be able to live in this nutrient deficient state for 17 months. So far so good. Carbs. What else do you need? Am I right?? This is me embracing another culture ok. haha.

This week I officially became Maestra Alaina. Not really, but sorta. My fellow district missionaries asked me to teach them Spanish and I obliged. I love it. I eat it up. I love teaching and I love Spanish and i pretend to be bashful about the whole situation but inside I revel in each and every moment. My district is learning! It’s great. Also missionaries always refer to each other by their titles (Hermano, Hermana), and this week I learned that my missionaries thought my first name was Adrian. I am not quite sure how this is possible because to my knowledge, I look and act and appear as a girl. Yeah Elders, my first name is Adrian. Also, sorry to any girl who actually has this name.

Also, remember the elder who exploded his head open on his comps elbow last week?? Well I neglected to inform you all that after this incident, he bled. Profusely, you might say. So Hma Patterson and I cleaned up his blood with our bare hands while he attended to his wound. Just kidding mom!! We cleaned up his blood with paper towels. But that night...sweet Elder Johnson brought us a huge goodie basket at the store to say thanks. He got me a ton of chokis (like chips ahoy but 6000 times better!) so I had my fix for the week. Also, DAD. I love Andrea Bocelli. He sings with the motabs (Mormon Tabernacle Choir)  so my teacher plays his songs with them in class and I just go nuts. I literally sob every time in my heart. HOW HAVE I NOT APPRECIATED HIS VOICE BEFORE? I don’t know. BUT I AM OBSSESSED WITH ANDREA. Someone send me an album. I am begging you. (We got this letter in time to get a cd in her Christmas package!)

Shoot, I hate this!! Seriously I have at least 20 more stories. GOOD STORIES too. Ok but Jakers--(Alaina's cousin)if you read this, do you know sis Pellegrini?? I ran into her and she had Book of Mormon with you at BYU!! I was so pumped to finally find someone who knew you. Also, she is going to my hometown mission! She’s serving in Everett which is pretty sweet! It’s a small world after all.

Mom, do you know anyone in our ward who is in Mexico City for business?? Apparently a 50 yr. old man at the temple asked some sisters there if they knew me. ?? And they did, but they couldn’t remember his name.

My favorite part of the week… last Thursday evening, my teacher Hma Bair asked us to share our favorite scripture about Christ.  Immediately came to my mind the words of Isaiah, because they are great! Isaiah chapter 53:4-7. Stay with me now…

Surely he hath borne our grief’s and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of god and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray we have turned every one to his own way and the lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth, he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

Wow. Never had any scripture struck me with such incredible force before in my entire life. Never. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had!! I wish words could do the spirit justice, but they never can and they never will. Because the spirit bore testimony, surely and undeniably, THAT THESE WORDS ARE TRUE, and I came to know the Savior a little more in that moment. We are the sheep and we turn from him so easily. But he still willingly gave himself. Oh I cried. I cried and cried when I bore testimony of that passage. I know that he is the Messiah. Yes that is correct. I do not believe, I do not hope, I do not think, I KNOW CHRIST LIVES. I wish all people could have this knowledge...and they can. That’s the best part.

One more thought. We read a quote this week along the lines of ´I think if we could see the hearts of the people we knew, and could understand their struggles and their challenges, we would all treat each other with more lovingly, more patiently, and with more gentle kindness’ and I love that. That is the epitome of Christ-like love. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Love them. Our world has got it backwards. We preach--take care of yourself first. Tend to your own needs and then look out for others. nononononononoNOOOOOO!!! Is that what Christ did? NO. We cannot be happy until we understand that. We have to love others. So be gentle! Be kind!!

Actually, one more thing. Yeah I’m on my soap box. It’s happening so roll with it. After Christ is resurrected, the apostles are fishing one night bc they didn’t know what to do after the death of the Savior and they didn’t understand his calling really. So, they went back to their normal jobs. Alright cool. Well, Jesus comes to the shore (and I’m skipping some of the story because I have no time) but eventually Peter, the apostle, jumps out of the boat and swims to the Savior. On shore, Christ asks him three times if he loves him and Peter was confused...but Christ ended with this...”if ye love me feed my sheep”. At that moment, Peter became the great apostle. He left his nets once and for all and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Guess what? My mission is that moment for me. I am never going back, “for no man having gone to plough and looking back is fit for the kingdom”. I am devoting everything that I have an am to the Savior. I have left all to follow in his footsteps and nothing has ever brought me any semblance of the joy I feel now in this work. IF YE LOVE ME FEED MY SHEEP. What a great call to all who desire to follow the Son of Man!! He is the light and the truth and the way and happiness and the joy and the fulfillment and I love him. Nothing I ever do will come close to what he sacrificed for me and for all mankind. The Book of Mormon rocks.

I am out of time good people. But I love you all. I am so ready to go to El Salvador. I am ready to share this news with all who want to listen. Pray for me. haha not kidding. I will need it this week.
I love Mexico.
I love the ccm.
I love America.
I love this gospel.
Have a stupendous week.

Hma Hirschi

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Happy one month anniversary everyone!!!

Ok to be honest that is pretty freaky bc my whole life I was going to have 18 months in the mission.  now I have 17 months. how in the world...???

But onward. Because I have little time and I am going to be moving at the speed of light to finish this baby in time.

This week. It began with a new calling for me and Hma S. Our previous sister training leaders left the ccm for their missions, and so Hma S and I were called!! I am psyched. I love serving and I can’t wait to help these girls out and to serve them. Sunday Hma S and I interviewed them all and for the first time I empathized with bishops. ahahahah. Oh man, we only have 12 girls under our care and it took foreverrrrrr to talk to them all and make sure they were doing ok and to give council when we found out they were struggling with stuff. But yeah. Go Bishops. It's exhausting and a huge service.

Ok, so maybe some of you are a pinch curious about the title of this email. Here is a great discovery I made this week. Deet is a gift. A gift to mankind. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, mosquitos love me. Literally they love me and my blood. My roommate has exactly 0 bug bites. I have at least 40. ???? ok that seems really fair mosquito population!!! NOT. So I stopped wearing any sweet smelling lotions and perfumes. And STILL. Mosquitos are drawn to me. AWESOMEE. One  morning I was just trying to enjoy my breakfast and some little nasty mos. is feasting on my little knot on wrist and my comp points it out and I freak and beat it to death with my other hand and I think I screamed a little a battle cry type scream and this whole table of Latino elders turns around and just look at me. Like I have gone nuts. Maybe I have gone a little nuts. Actually that is certifiable so someone send me a psychiatrist.

 Then I decided I was done with the mosquitos. So the next day, before we left our apt, I sprayed it with deet.The windows, the doors, and lights. Everything. I would not be made a fool in the fight of man vs.
mosquito. and a miracle has happened. Yes, I can no longer breath when I am in my apt, and yes, the door handle is sticky and yes, people think I am weird. BUT MY ROOM IS 100% MOSTQUITO FREE. In faccct, at night, when I come home, I find roughly 20 dead mosquitos in front of my door. They have suffered death at my hands and I am perfectly alright with this. I am super happy about my decision to embrace deet and to relinquish my devotion to oxygen.

 Que mas. Ok CRAZY stuff going down in Mexico. so one day I am just studying some Spanish, bc I eat drink breath live play sleep and consume Spanish. and the elders run into the room. Hma Hirschi!!! come look! Mistakenly, I followed them and found to find that they were playing with  a GIANt MOTH. You might be having a hard time determining how giant a giant moth is, so I will help you create a visual. if you a full grown man, take your hands, spread them wide out, and conjoin them at the wrists. THAT IS THE SIZE OF THIS VILE CREATURE. ahhh Man it was so sick. haahhaa. And it was going crazy. It was literally a small bird and I was super frightened and I didn't want to touch it so I didn't.
The elders did. 

Ok another quick story. Sometimes the elders are a liiiitle rambunctious. and sometimes they run down the hallway and trip and smash their face into their Samoan companions sharp and extremely large elbow and cut their head open and receive 9 stitches. hahahah oh eldersssss. But the good news is that after this I bought the elder a sprite---which by the way tastes like America?? I don't know if you are acquainted with this fun fact but the flavor of sprite is America. It's a strange phenomenon---but anyway, I bought him one and with the Hma's we wrote a new label which read "we hope this spritens your day". I mean, can I get some credit for that!! What a pun. One of my greatest works. Also, this week Hma P and I are going to have a rap battle with the elders about our teachers. The elders are writing a rap for our male teacher and we are writing a rap for our female teacher...and then we will go to war. hahah we are getting pretty excited for the whole show down.

As usual, I am short on time and long in stories. Hma P and I have begun running in the morning. I thought this would be a breeze but turns out if you don't run for 2 months and then you run again you are going to feel a little pain. Too bad so sad!

 My Spanish is improving. I love learning Spanish! Probably too much but it’s fine. I think I have read the entire grammar book though. The problem is that while I know the rules I can't speak them. A minor issue seeing as I will be leaving among the people of San Salvador in one and a half weeks.

So I don't know how this has happened, but I am an entirely different person. It has been such an incredible transformation for me. I mean, I am still the same, but my understanding and my view of the world have broadened and deepened a hundred fold. (scriptures speak; you better believe it). Seriously though. I love this gospel. So much. And I love the Savior and I am pretty sure my thoughts are always on Him. But as you come to know Him--really know him and what he wants for you---your joy becomes more fully developed and it becomes enriched. we studied the doctrine of Christ yesterday...and yes Christ taught that His doctrine was faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. But it is also so much more than that!! His are the words of life! Our teachers asked us to really think about what the doctrine of Christ means to us in our lives. And I had to really ponder and think hard. I started to think more about Christ and what he teaches.  I believe that ultimately, and the very heart of His doctrine is love. A love with the power to redeem. How amazing. I love my family a lot, but I have no power to save them or to make more of them than they are. Christ's doctrine of love can. It's a real miracle! Ask of God. We can always always ask of God. He loves us. I love the story of Alma and Amulek. Way too much probably. But they talk about all the afflictions they endured...and it didn't matter bc their afflictions were swallowed up in the joy of Christ. Everyone needs the doctrine of Christ, and everyone needs the gospel--restored to the earth. I love the Savior and I am striving so hard to know Him and to become like Him. I am so excited to share my witness of Him and His divine authority and power. HE IS OUR LORD AND HEAVENLY FATHER IS OUR GOD. They are far more than we are at this time...and it is absolutely right for us to worship them. But....let the enabling power of Christ's atonement work in your life. IT. IS. REAL.  That is what I have been trying to do bc I am not enough without Christ. Never has this fact been more real to me than now on my mission.

Ok, well that's all I've got time for. I love you all...and I miss you all...and the next time we have an exchange I will have 3 days left in the ccm. Unreal. I can’t wait to be a real missionary.

All my love,

Hma Hirschi

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mexico Strikes Back

Where to begin. Seriously. Brace yourselves. Prepare for something dreadful....this week. hahaha ooohhh it was a good one in multiple ways.


So first of all, Mexico is a living thing and it has the ability to take vengeance as it pleases. For example, this week I used the bathroom. I have done this multiple time in Mexico. But this time, something new happened. I flushed the toilet and nothing happened. So I made the decision to flush again. I count this as the right decision. Mexico wasn’t so sure. SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, the toilet SHOT WATER BACK OUT AT ME. WHAT IN THE WORLD? Yes, Mexico. The country of vicious toilets. I was horrified and disgusted. Seriously. Unclean water shot back out at me and nailed my leg and shoe. I just collapsed in defeat against the wall of the stall and released what my comp would describe as a mix of a cry, scream, screech, sob, yelp, laugh. And then I just kinda started simultaneously screaming and crying bc I was laughing so hard and was soooo disturbed. ahh Mexico.    Mexico 1. Alaina 0.


It will come as little surprise that in a country where the toilets fight back, the food is less than kind to my stomach. hahah seriously after every meal I sprawl out on the floor in real, genuine pain. And I moan. And I lie there, and I debate whether it would be better to starve to death or suffer the stomach pains that I experience each day. So far stomach pains are winning out. hahahaha hopefully by the time I get to San Salvador my rather week stomach will adjust properly and I will be able to consume food and digest it as a normal human being.


Some highlights of the week:

First, one evening, one of the elders said, ´Hma Hirschi, will you teach me how to play volleyball? ‘And then...another did...and another...and another. And I think my eyes actually teared up a little and I delivered a much dreamt of line, ´I have been waiting for you to ask me for sooooooooo looooooong´. So now I am Coach Hirschi, and I train my little elders in volleyball and we are going to be Olympic in no time at all. hahahah. It was a dream come true.


Also last night, I was exhausted...just soooo tired in class at 9 pm. I was still trying to contribute so my teacher asked a question and I answered and was speaking coherently when suddenly I said something along the lines of ´yes so if we will prepare ourselves...purple.´ Yes. I just released the noun purple. I don’t know what, I don’t know how. Immediately afterwards I said out loud, wait what?? and my district started cracking up. I am getting a little delusional these days. But people. I LOVE BEING HERE. I love it with all that I am. Maybe I am a little strange, but I really enjoy pretty much everything. My Spanish is still improving. I love studying the grammar. I am a grammar Nazi and everyone knows it. But it is A- ok.


Our class was playing charades. ---side note. I LOVE LATINOS--- ok back to the story. So we were playing charades and I wanted to take a turn sooo bad. So my teacher let me go. Two of my teachers pointed to a word written out, I read it right quick. The word was caridad (or charity in English). ok ok ok . That is hard to act out, but in a kylie move, I got on my knees and pretended I was a dying grandma I guess...hahah and went around the class handing out some money to all the missionaries. It took them forever to figure out what I was trying to depict, and everyone was in raptures laughing because I guess I was being a little funny. So finally, Hma Lara calls out, caridad!! Sweet that is the correct answer!!! We all smile and think that was a good time and we are all having a good laugh. BUT NO. hahahaha my teachers are straight up DYING laughing. We’re like, uhh what is so funny??? They then inform me that my word was castidad ( which for you non Spanish speakers means chastity). WHOOPS. Then we all laughed for a very, very, very long time. I don’t know what I have made of myself here in the ccm. But my story is spreading along with my fame. The teachers got a real, true blue kick out of that one.

 So, moral of the story. Never play charades in a language besides your own. Your reputation is at risk.
Sorry for the length on this bad boy. I just need to recap General Conference reaaaal fast. First of all, it was spectacular. Oh man. Amazing. So many incredible things were said. Sunday night we got to watch the testaments and I cried for joy because I love that movie sooo much. I have been praying to watch that movie at the ccm. My testimony of the reality of a divine Lord and Savior are surer in my mind than ever before. How merciful is our God who has a divine plan for us, his literal children!! It is such an incredible plan of happiness! And the good news is that we have already won the war with evil. Our Lord and God, the Holy One of Israel, has overcome death, sin, and all suffering. I was thinking about this as it really applied to me...and how amazing it really is. My name, my first name I like to think, is engraved in the palms of the hand of the great Jehovah. And while I am having a lot of fun here, THAT IS WHY I AM SO GLAD TO BE HERE,  because I KNOW that Christ came, and that he overcame everything in the world for us, because amazingly, as weak, as faithless as we are, he loves us. And the atonement is real for each of us. My soul was singing this redeeming song of love this whole week and I am filled with an unending joy. And I wonder how my faith could have been so pathetic before now!! We are literally children of an all powerful, almighty, all knowing being.  EVERYTHING HE DOES is for us. Every miracle of this universe has been created for our benefit! For our welfare! I felt so blessed this week I could hardly handle it. I can’t handle it. Each night I just pray and pray and try to give thanks for everything I have been given. But it’s literally an impossible task. Also can we talk about the scriptures for one second??? They are living!! They are so amazing and so filled with the spirit and so incredible. They enrich my spirit every time I read them and ponder them, and they fill me with the spirit of the Lord and they testify of Christ and I love them. Please read the scriptures!


Ok a few of my favs from conf.

1. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.

2. Give the book a chance. Just give. It. a chance. --in reference to the Book of Mormon.


I loved ten million other things. Largely due to the fact that I really grasped the fact that these are living prophets, and their message would be the same as if the Lord Himself came down and preached to us. So with each speaker I imagined the Lord saying so things from the pulpit, and they hit me with a new power. I love this gospel. I know it is true. I know we have to have faith but that a joy and light will fill our souls. Unlike any we come to know our savior Jesus Christ. I am reading Jesus the Christ by Talmage and I can´t get enough. Stay true. Be faithful. Search honestly for the truth. Pray. Pray. Pray. Please pray. God loves His children. He will not abandon us!


If you made it this far I will send you a medal next week. I love you all. Stay strong. Choose to be faithful. Find joy in the very fact that you are a child of God and that he has a grand plan for you and that joy beyond our comprehension is waiting for us as we obey and search the scriptures.




Until next time.


Hma Hirschi

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello good people of the real world!!

So, in case you have been wondering, the hunger games are actually going on, right now, in Mexico City. A little known fact. Here is the thing. A canon shoots off seriously like every hour on the mountain and it is very interesting. Hopefully you remember that in the hunger games, a canon is shot off after someone is killed. So when we´re in our classroom and we hear the cannon, someone always whistles the little HG tune and it’s great. Also a pinch distressing and creepy. haha but we speculate that the reason for the
canon is that the hunger games are happening right here, in Mexico City. Beyond our walls.

 What a week. It is Thursday already. There is a famous saying about missions, a day feels like a week and a week feels like a day. It’s true in the strangest way possible. So more adventures came this week, naturally. So heeere we....go.

Monday. Guys there was a miracle. A real genuine miracle because last week I understood no Spanish. My comprehension was a big fat nasty 0. Monday I walk into class, my Mexican teachers are speaking Spanish and somehow, SOMEHOW, I understand most of what they are saying. What the? My comprehension is sky rocketing and it is awesome!!! Ok, it’s still a struggle. Let’s just be honest with one another. It’s still a Major struggle. And I am working my little heart out. But, oh, is it coming. Each day we extend the amount of time we attempt to only speak Spanish and its awesome.  I may or may not, I will not say, have the reputation of best Spanish speaker in my district. haha and maybe, or maybe not, one of the Mexican teachers heard me giving a lesson and was freaking out and told all the other teachers that my Spanish was ´muy bueno´. I can’t say. You be the judge. But yeah I am feeling pretty good. Although I know that the minute I step into the field I will understand nothing. hahah it’s the circle of life.

So some highlights from this week. First of all. MOM AND DAD. Thanks for the package a million billion cajillion times google. When my district leader told me I had a package I probably screamed in the middle of the cafeteria and did a few fist pumps straight into the air. Man Christmas is every day in the MTC basically. So right after lunch me and my Hma’s(Hermana's=the Spanish title for a female missionary)  went to the post office, and lo and behold, my package from my doting, wonderful, beautiful parents. We opened it up eagerly to find!!!!!!................A FRUIT BASKET. hahahahaha oh what a glorious moment! We were all craaacking up. Fruit! Alright!!! I love fruit!! And it was huge! So much fruit! hahaha I love it. Thanks so much parents. So it definitely has staved off some hunger a time or two in this low security prison. (juuust kidding. I only say that due to the gates and guards at the entrance!! But really, that’s to keep people out, not us in) The other night, I still had a lot of fruit, and I was like, what am I going to do with the rest of this fruit!!!?? So my roommates and I had a fruit party. What else. It was great. We sat around a table eating exotic fruits. It was a great time. Also I will say that one of the fruits smelled a little unusual. I had a bad experience with eating a strange fruit in the cafeteria once this week already, so I was a little trepidacious to go experiment. But don’t worry, we experimented.

Que mas. My district is great. We still play volleyball together every day and it’s so hilarious. Don’t worry I really refrain from getting competitive. We are teaching lots of lessons these days. So many. I am getting better. Here is the tricky thing. I know enough Spanish that I can just go with the flow. I don’t have to memorize phrases before we go into a lesson...but the thing is, it’s a lot harder to think on your feet in Spanish so it’s a challenge, but I’m getting there. Additionally it’s really hard to think on your feet in Spanish, work with a companion, and follow the spirit, annnnnd understand what the heck the native Spanish speaker is saying to you at 40000 miles an hour. Let’s just say on more than one occasion I’ve unknowingly been asked a question and moved on with, muy bien! bc that’s what you say in Mexico when you don’t really have a clue what is being said to you. Embrace it. muy bien.

We have a new teacher in the evening! Which is great bc she is keeping our little elders in line!! She is sooo fiery and so Latina and I just love here. She gets me so pumped every day. Right when my energy is failing me, Hma Bair comes to the rescue. Love her.

I  am having a good time here in the ccm. But that is a byproduct of my work, because we are actually doing something pretty serious here. We had some great speakers talk to us this week. They were really truly fantastic speakers and one named Elder Walker (from the country of Argentina Nate Forkey) was talking about the bible prophet Jeremiah. He talked about how Jeremiah was so intensely persecuted for his proselyting that eventually he was done.   He was like; "yeah I think I am through with this scene!" But then he says that he couldn’t NOT preach about the savior, because he had a fire in his bones. Ahhh I love that so much. That is how the gospel is!! The spirit is unlike any other feeling because it’s not reaaaally a feeling. It’s the Holy Ghost communicating with your spirit. And when you have that fire in bones...the fire that comes from really truly knowing the Savior and that this is His gospel, you feel like you can’t NOT preach it. That really struck me this week.

I can totally relate to Alma, when he wants to be an angel so he can tell the whole world the truth....I just wish I could make everyone read the Book of Mormon. Just once. Just once all the way through with a desire to really know if it is true. If it is the word of God... you know? Because I know that it is, I know the amazing transformation it has brought to my life and I just want everyone else to know. It’s not just a nice thing, it’s not a way to make people feel better or is truth. Absolute truth. And it enables people to live with God and their families again forever!! How amazing!! So anywaysss. Just ah. Please just read the Book of Mormon! It will bring such an amazing light to your life. And its easy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Ok, shout out to my cousins. Kylie and Jake you guys are rocking the house. Seriously. Rocking it. I love you guys to pieces. I love that we are all out here together engaged in the very same work!

 Also, thank you to EVERYONE who so kindly wrote me emails!! I have written you all letters back, and I was going to take a pic and send them, but these truly AWESOME computers don’t have place for my sd card. Sad day. So I’ll mail them. sorry. I will try to write back though!! I’m about out of time, but I love you all and I miss you all and I think of you all. But I am loving the missionary life. K I love you all!


Hma Hirschi

Ps...GENERAL CONFERENCE. The Lord is speaking to us through his prophets this weekend; I have never been more excited for general conference in my life. Tune in everyone. BYU TV or online at

PSs...some insights. So Laman and Lemuel. Interesting people. bc guess what, they actually always ended up doing what they were asked. (Went into the wilderness, went back for the plates, helped build the ship, etc etc) but the difference was that they needed constant reminders and had literally NO FAITH. Whereas Nephi, his faith is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I hope one day I can be as faithful as him. We all can actually. Through Jesus Christ.