Friday, October 25, 2013

Hasta la Vista Mexico!

Ok. Ready, set, launch.

I leave for San Salvador on Monday. I know. I know. it is a difficult thing to believe that 6 weeks have passed. Nigh impossible. But thus it is. And I will be nearly devastated to leave Mexico. But as usual, some good stuff occurred this week. So let us begin.

Ok first off.
I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS TO EVER ROAM THE EARTH. Adam and Eve may give you guys a run for your money but I am doubtful. Because this week, this blessed, glorious week, I received a package, and you know what it was?? The best thing to ever come out of America...KRISPE KREME DONUTS. Oh how I danced and sang of my gratitude. My companions by now know that I am a little janky in the head so they joined in. I savored that donut, and I shared with my district. I’ve never seen 18 year old boys more grateful in my entire life. hahah They were so tender. But mom. dad. Thank you. You guys are the That is my second package in 2 weeks!! Unreal. So donuts. Great things.

I just want people to know that I have finally learned how to eat here in Mexico. For a while there it was rough. But I received a lot of concerned emails about my gastrointestinal tract and I want you all to know that I have finally learned the ways of navigation. I avoid all forms of beans, and most forms of meat, which means that pretty much I eat corn!! And rice!! And I pray every day that my body will be able to live in this nutrient deficient state for 17 months. So far so good. Carbs. What else do you need? Am I right?? This is me embracing another culture ok. haha.

This week I officially became Maestra Alaina. Not really, but sorta. My fellow district missionaries asked me to teach them Spanish and I obliged. I love it. I eat it up. I love teaching and I love Spanish and i pretend to be bashful about the whole situation but inside I revel in each and every moment. My district is learning! It’s great. Also missionaries always refer to each other by their titles (Hermano, Hermana), and this week I learned that my missionaries thought my first name was Adrian. I am not quite sure how this is possible because to my knowledge, I look and act and appear as a girl. Yeah Elders, my first name is Adrian. Also, sorry to any girl who actually has this name.

Also, remember the elder who exploded his head open on his comps elbow last week?? Well I neglected to inform you all that after this incident, he bled. Profusely, you might say. So Hma Patterson and I cleaned up his blood with our bare hands while he attended to his wound. Just kidding mom!! We cleaned up his blood with paper towels. But that night...sweet Elder Johnson brought us a huge goodie basket at the store to say thanks. He got me a ton of chokis (like chips ahoy but 6000 times better!) so I had my fix for the week. Also, DAD. I love Andrea Bocelli. He sings with the motabs (Mormon Tabernacle Choir)  so my teacher plays his songs with them in class and I just go nuts. I literally sob every time in my heart. HOW HAVE I NOT APPRECIATED HIS VOICE BEFORE? I don’t know. BUT I AM OBSSESSED WITH ANDREA. Someone send me an album. I am begging you. (We got this letter in time to get a cd in her Christmas package!)

Shoot, I hate this!! Seriously I have at least 20 more stories. GOOD STORIES too. Ok but Jakers--(Alaina's cousin)if you read this, do you know sis Pellegrini?? I ran into her and she had Book of Mormon with you at BYU!! I was so pumped to finally find someone who knew you. Also, she is going to my hometown mission! She’s serving in Everett which is pretty sweet! It’s a small world after all.

Mom, do you know anyone in our ward who is in Mexico City for business?? Apparently a 50 yr. old man at the temple asked some sisters there if they knew me. ?? And they did, but they couldn’t remember his name.

My favorite part of the week… last Thursday evening, my teacher Hma Bair asked us to share our favorite scripture about Christ.  Immediately came to my mind the words of Isaiah, because they are great! Isaiah chapter 53:4-7. Stay with me now…

Surely he hath borne our grief’s and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of god and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray we have turned every one to his own way and the lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth, he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

Wow. Never had any scripture struck me with such incredible force before in my entire life. Never. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had!! I wish words could do the spirit justice, but they never can and they never will. Because the spirit bore testimony, surely and undeniably, THAT THESE WORDS ARE TRUE, and I came to know the Savior a little more in that moment. We are the sheep and we turn from him so easily. But he still willingly gave himself. Oh I cried. I cried and cried when I bore testimony of that passage. I know that he is the Messiah. Yes that is correct. I do not believe, I do not hope, I do not think, I KNOW CHRIST LIVES. I wish all people could have this knowledge...and they can. That’s the best part.

One more thought. We read a quote this week along the lines of ´I think if we could see the hearts of the people we knew, and could understand their struggles and their challenges, we would all treat each other with more lovingly, more patiently, and with more gentle kindness’ and I love that. That is the epitome of Christ-like love. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Love them. Our world has got it backwards. We preach--take care of yourself first. Tend to your own needs and then look out for others. nononononononoNOOOOOO!!! Is that what Christ did? NO. We cannot be happy until we understand that. We have to love others. So be gentle! Be kind!!

Actually, one more thing. Yeah I’m on my soap box. It’s happening so roll with it. After Christ is resurrected, the apostles are fishing one night bc they didn’t know what to do after the death of the Savior and they didn’t understand his calling really. So, they went back to their normal jobs. Alright cool. Well, Jesus comes to the shore (and I’m skipping some of the story because I have no time) but eventually Peter, the apostle, jumps out of the boat and swims to the Savior. On shore, Christ asks him three times if he loves him and Peter was confused...but Christ ended with this...”if ye love me feed my sheep”. At that moment, Peter became the great apostle. He left his nets once and for all and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Guess what? My mission is that moment for me. I am never going back, “for no man having gone to plough and looking back is fit for the kingdom”. I am devoting everything that I have an am to the Savior. I have left all to follow in his footsteps and nothing has ever brought me any semblance of the joy I feel now in this work. IF YE LOVE ME FEED MY SHEEP. What a great call to all who desire to follow the Son of Man!! He is the light and the truth and the way and happiness and the joy and the fulfillment and I love him. Nothing I ever do will come close to what he sacrificed for me and for all mankind. The Book of Mormon rocks.

I am out of time good people. But I love you all. I am so ready to go to El Salvador. I am ready to share this news with all who want to listen. Pray for me. haha not kidding. I will need it this week.
I love Mexico.
I love the ccm.
I love America.
I love this gospel.
Have a stupendous week.

Hma Hirschi

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