Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello good people of the real world!!

So, in case you have been wondering, the hunger games are actually going on, right now, in Mexico City. A little known fact. Here is the thing. A canon shoots off seriously like every hour on the mountain and it is very interesting. Hopefully you remember that in the hunger games, a canon is shot off after someone is killed. So when we´re in our classroom and we hear the cannon, someone always whistles the little HG tune and it’s great. Also a pinch distressing and creepy. haha but we speculate that the reason for the
canon is that the hunger games are happening right here, in Mexico City. Beyond our walls.

 What a week. It is Thursday already. There is a famous saying about missions, a day feels like a week and a week feels like a day. It’s true in the strangest way possible. So more adventures came this week, naturally. So heeere we....go.

Monday. Guys there was a miracle. A real genuine miracle because last week I understood no Spanish. My comprehension was a big fat nasty 0. Monday I walk into class, my Mexican teachers are speaking Spanish and somehow, SOMEHOW, I understand most of what they are saying. What the? My comprehension is sky rocketing and it is awesome!!! Ok, it’s still a struggle. Let’s just be honest with one another. It’s still a Major struggle. And I am working my little heart out. But, oh, is it coming. Each day we extend the amount of time we attempt to only speak Spanish and its awesome.  I may or may not, I will not say, have the reputation of best Spanish speaker in my district. haha and maybe, or maybe not, one of the Mexican teachers heard me giving a lesson and was freaking out and told all the other teachers that my Spanish was ´muy bueno´. I can’t say. You be the judge. But yeah I am feeling pretty good. Although I know that the minute I step into the field I will understand nothing. hahah it’s the circle of life.

So some highlights from this week. First of all. MOM AND DAD. Thanks for the package a million billion cajillion times google. When my district leader told me I had a package I probably screamed in the middle of the cafeteria and did a few fist pumps straight into the air. Man Christmas is every day in the MTC basically. So right after lunch me and my Hma’s(Hermana's=the Spanish title for a female missionary)  went to the post office, and lo and behold, my package from my doting, wonderful, beautiful parents. We opened it up eagerly to find!!!!!!................A FRUIT BASKET. hahahahaha oh what a glorious moment! We were all craaacking up. Fruit! Alright!!! I love fruit!! And it was huge! So much fruit! hahaha I love it. Thanks so much parents. So it definitely has staved off some hunger a time or two in this low security prison. (juuust kidding. I only say that due to the gates and guards at the entrance!! But really, that’s to keep people out, not us in) The other night, I still had a lot of fruit, and I was like, what am I going to do with the rest of this fruit!!!?? So my roommates and I had a fruit party. What else. It was great. We sat around a table eating exotic fruits. It was a great time. Also I will say that one of the fruits smelled a little unusual. I had a bad experience with eating a strange fruit in the cafeteria once this week already, so I was a little trepidacious to go experiment. But don’t worry, we experimented.

Que mas. My district is great. We still play volleyball together every day and it’s so hilarious. Don’t worry I really refrain from getting competitive. We are teaching lots of lessons these days. So many. I am getting better. Here is the tricky thing. I know enough Spanish that I can just go with the flow. I don’t have to memorize phrases before we go into a lesson...but the thing is, it’s a lot harder to think on your feet in Spanish so it’s a challenge, but I’m getting there. Additionally it’s really hard to think on your feet in Spanish, work with a companion, and follow the spirit, annnnnd understand what the heck the native Spanish speaker is saying to you at 40000 miles an hour. Let’s just say on more than one occasion I’ve unknowingly been asked a question and moved on with, muy bien! bc that’s what you say in Mexico when you don’t really have a clue what is being said to you. Embrace it. muy bien.

We have a new teacher in the evening! Which is great bc she is keeping our little elders in line!! She is sooo fiery and so Latina and I just love here. She gets me so pumped every day. Right when my energy is failing me, Hma Bair comes to the rescue. Love her.

I  am having a good time here in the ccm. But that is a byproduct of my work, because we are actually doing something pretty serious here. We had some great speakers talk to us this week. They were really truly fantastic speakers and one named Elder Walker (from the country of Argentina Nate Forkey) was talking about the bible prophet Jeremiah. He talked about how Jeremiah was so intensely persecuted for his proselyting that eventually he was done.   He was like; "yeah I think I am through with this scene!" But then he says that he couldn’t NOT preach about the savior, because he had a fire in his bones. Ahhh I love that so much. That is how the gospel is!! The spirit is unlike any other feeling because it’s not reaaaally a feeling. It’s the Holy Ghost communicating with your spirit. And when you have that fire in bones...the fire that comes from really truly knowing the Savior and that this is His gospel, you feel like you can’t NOT preach it. That really struck me this week.

I can totally relate to Alma, when he wants to be an angel so he can tell the whole world the truth....I just wish I could make everyone read the Book of Mormon. Just once. Just once all the way through with a desire to really know if it is true. If it is the word of God... you know? Because I know that it is, I know the amazing transformation it has brought to my life and I just want everyone else to know. It’s not just a nice thing, it’s not a way to make people feel better or is truth. Absolute truth. And it enables people to live with God and their families again forever!! How amazing!! So anywaysss. Just ah. Please just read the Book of Mormon! It will bring such an amazing light to your life. And its easy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Ok, shout out to my cousins. Kylie and Jake you guys are rocking the house. Seriously. Rocking it. I love you guys to pieces. I love that we are all out here together engaged in the very same work!

 Also, thank you to EVERYONE who so kindly wrote me emails!! I have written you all letters back, and I was going to take a pic and send them, but these truly AWESOME computers don’t have place for my sd card. Sad day. So I’ll mail them. sorry. I will try to write back though!! I’m about out of time, but I love you all and I miss you all and I think of you all. But I am loving the missionary life. K I love you all!


Hma Hirschi

Ps...GENERAL CONFERENCE. The Lord is speaking to us through his prophets this weekend; I have never been more excited for general conference in my life. Tune in everyone. BYU TV or online at

PSs...some insights. So Laman and Lemuel. Interesting people. bc guess what, they actually always ended up doing what they were asked. (Went into the wilderness, went back for the plates, helped build the ship, etc etc) but the difference was that they needed constant reminders and had literally NO FAITH. Whereas Nephi, his faith is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I hope one day I can be as faithful as him. We all can actually. Through Jesus Christ. 

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