Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here we go 2014

Tonight my companion and I will celebrate New Years 2014 by eating 12 grapes. A Guatemalan tradition I guess. It sounds good to me because I like grapes and I like traditions. So there is an unstoppable combo. 

My companion and I

My week..It was nice. Everyone in Belize says 'nice' btw. Like when they're talking about something where Americans would use 'good'--they say nice. It’s kind of creepy to me for some reason but I am working really hard to get over that. I may have to start counseling soon. I don’t really know. 


SKYPING WITH MY FAMILY WAS THE BEST THING EVAAA. just so everyone can know that the Hirschis are the best!


So another juicy fact about Belizeans. They like Christmas. BUT. They don’t eat pie...instead they eat cake. Cake and sprite--chocolate cake to be exact. Before my mission I was something of a connoisseur of chocolate cakes. I was always team cake. I almost despised pie. But how the tides have changed. I ATE SO MUCH CAKE THIS WEEK. And it brought to mind a certain beloved childhood film. Do any of you remember the movie Matilda?? About the magical little girl that goes to the school with the evil lady? I know my details are a bit foggy...but remember the part when Bruce has to eat a HUGE chocolate cake by himself bc he stole one tiny peace? And the principal makes him eat the entire thing? And how the film supports child abuse more or less? But then how Matilda stands up and cheers him on while he is finishing the cake? "BRUCE BRUCE BRUCE" well that happened to me this week. Albeit only in my mind. But it happened. Because the 26th I ate at least 3 cakes. Solo. And at one house a lady offered us some cake, and of course we always oblige people. But the problem lies in serving sizes. Whenever people give missionaries food it’s enough to sustain a country for a minimum of 2 months. The kind women brought us chocolate cake--the size of my head. I thought I was going to die, but I put that cake down. Granted it took me almost 45 minutes, but I did it. And I could hear Matilda chanting my name the entire time.


Also I drank wood juice this week. At the insistence of a very kind investigator named E*** is a true champ and he loves all the herbs that grow naturally in the forests of Belize. He also loves to take the bark and brew concoctions and drink them for his health. When he swore to me that the juice would fix all my health problems I was tempted to ask for scientific research, and studies without bias, but I refrained. Instead I drank the juice. And it nearly killed me. E*** laughed but continued to promise me perfect health. That night I was very sick--hahahah I am FOR SURE putting my money on the wood juice for cause of illness. 


Shoot guys. One more thought and I gotta peace out. So this week during tracting, I realized that many people find what I do as a missionary to be offensive. And they let me know that they think it’s rude that I approach strangers to share what I believe. It’s seen as presumptuous and invasive. And at first...this really bothered me. Because anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to offend people. I am a peacemaker. I hate making people uncomfortable!! But then I thought of something (100% inspired). Christ offended people so strongly with His direct proclamation that He was the Son of God that they killed Him. 


I don’t think anyone in Belize is ready to kill me just yet. Haha maybe I'm wrong. But I’ve got my fingers crossed. 


So then I learned something again. Truth is truth and to many people it will be offensive and harsh and overbearing. But. I know that Jesus Christ is the head of this church and that every person can know for themselves as well! And I love that part. We can all know for ourselves. So. Let’s not be afraid to share the gospel--always remembering that it is such a gift in our lives and that Christ died declaring His divinity and paying the price of our sins and hardships. And also remembering that our invitations made to families and friends to learn about the gospel will always be understood as an act of love. 


Happy New Year’s all. I hope you have a crazy fun time celebrating. Make some resolutions. Make some goals. Go nuts. Within the bounds of the laws of the country and God. 


Until 2014!!!

Sister Hirschi


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