Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The birthday wishes have been sublime. I truly appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. It’s been more a birthday week though....since I’ve been here for so long everyone knows my birthday and the recognition has been unending. No complaints. hahaha. Birthdays are a HUGE deal in Belize. They love them. Additionally...


I was BORN to be a missionary. 

Have I mentioned that I love this work, and that I love the people who live in this town, and that I am going to move back to Belize and live here forever. I never knew I could love a town of people so much. 


So this week. You can bet your bottom dollar with a 10% risk level that some nutty stuff went down. 


For an introduction, my new name is this town is "snake slayer". 

A very fitting tittle given some of my recent antics. 

Last week, I was kneeling beside my bed--praying at exactly 10:30 pm, when I heard our house-mate Sister D open our front door and shout, 'AHH! HAY UN SERPIENTE!!'. She is Guatemalan so it is natural for her to revert to her native language when frightened or upset. 


Well I kept praying. right? It’s a baby snake. Or so I thought. Sis D continued to shout. Finally, I finished and made my way to the front door with my companion. There, sitting very complacently on our porch was a snake. I was inclined to leave him be, seeing as he was not entering our house. Sis D  however, told us she would not sleep knowing the creature was by our house. 


So I determined to kill it. But how? We have no knives...or shovels....or machetes or blow torches. Nothing. At first I thought to ride over it with my bike, but I was soon discouraged from such a course of action—because I imagined the snake snapping up and biting me as I rode over him on shadowfax. 


So then. I remember reading the bible, and decided to go with the classic David/Goliath routine. I sought a rock, and upon finding one, threw it with all my might at the target. I hit the snake in the head and it went CRAAAAzy squirming everywhere. All four of us began screaming and ran into the house and kept screaming. 


But another thing that happened....MOTHERS DAY. Do you guys know mother’s day is like the equivalent of Christmas in Central America? Holy hannah what a spectacle. They love it!! 


Of course there was a church activity and us six missionaries were required to perform something. I didn’t want to sing. So I thought we could all share 'things my mother taught me'. Here were some of mine:


1. Diet caffeine free coke is as vital as water to the human body.

2. Camping is fun for about 12 hours. 

3. Putting a wooden spoon in a full, moving blender is akin to setting off a small bomb in your kitchen. (remember this mom? and how the ceiling is still stained?)

4. Using brothers as punching bags results in serious, negative repercussions. 

5. ALWAYS give people the benefit of the doubt. 


We were a hit. 


Well. J** is the best. He is really converted to this gospel. He is willing to live the commandments and as doing so, has gained a personal testimony. He is getting baptized on Saturday! 


R** FINALLY came to church. I was about to give up on him....but for real. And then....HE STROLLS IN. Ah. So rewarding. And he loved it! Of course he did. 


KS** will be baptized on May 24th. Yeah! He loves the plan of salvation. He wants to teach it to his sons. "It just all comes back to the plan of salvation". That's right KS**! His daughter is coming to church with him. 


God is good. God is love. Also I am super impressed with the original 12 Apostles of the Lamb. They up and left everything behind...never to return...to follow the Savior. I have had a tiny baby taste of what that feels like by serving a mission. I am so grateful for those who are willing to testify of Christ and to give their lives in order to teach others the good news. 


Also. I enjoyed seeing my family! You guys--just hang tight for 10 months ok. cool. Maybe longer because I am probably going to try and extend. I LOVE YOU. 


Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. 

We are Gods children. 

Choose the right. 


Love Sista Hirschi


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