Monday, July 21, 2014

A quick recap

A quickie right here right now. One time. 


Another week flown by. I will try to recap and summarize to the best of my abilities. 


1. I have been concerned about the state of my health/diet during the course of my mission. Belizeans aren’t really into vegetables. Or fruit. Or anything except for chicken and flour tortillas. So I made the decision to begin the exercise regimen 'insanity'. It is truly insane. The first few days I was sure my legs would fall off of my body, but luckily they remain attached. I suffered severe pain, but i am coming to enjoy my time with Shawn T in the mornings. It’s kinda addicting. 


2. Belize throws yet another curveball. Adding to their cultural mix-up are the Maya and Ketchi. This also means that I have to learn another language. Which means now that Belize has like, 14 languages. It’s just a little too much for me. Whenever I see a little brown lady on the street, my inclination is to speak to her in Spanish. I have done this only to be met by blank stares--because these are MAYAN people. they speak Maya and English. It’s pretty wild. But the Maya are very kind and docile. 


3. We had three baptisms this weekend! It was a baby miracle. It felt so amazing. Sister C sang a song and I played the piano...we practiced just a few minutes before the service and it was super fun to play a song that was NOT a hymn. 


Sorry folks. next week’s email will be better I swear it. My two cents for this week is a little bit about courage and compromise. Sometimes we have to compromise--sometimes we have to be willing to compromise, but also need to stand for truth. Truth and commandments should never be compromised, no matter the consequence. 


You are all lovely people. I miss you all. Belize is beautiful and you should come visit me. 



Sista Hirschi

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