Monday, January 12, 2015

My week started with a BANG!

Hello. So here I am. Another Monday. Writing home. Just finished up with insanity and personal scripture study.



I loooooooooooooooooooove it. I literally got a little freaked out last night when I realized that yet another week had passed by. Que pasa...

The week started out with a bang. Literally. As in, our bus banged into another vehicle. hahaha. Honestly, if you’ve ever experienced driving here in Central America, you’d be amazed that this was the first accident I’d seen in El Sal. They are MANIACS. But yeah, we’d had a meeting with Prez at his house,  and on the way home we took a bus. The good news is that no one was hurt. But some advice for taxi drivers, don’t take on a bus. You’re gonna lose. Every time.

Also sometimes when I do Insanity in the morning with Mag dawg, Sis M joins us. She is from Guatemala and she is probably about 4´8. She is part of the indigenous people of Guate though, which means she isn’t Latino. She’s like...Mayan and her first language is Kiche (??). And sometimes I just have to wonder if Shaun T ever dreamt that the indigenous people of Guatemala would be doing his workout program.

Who can say.

Well hopefully that story can attest to the absence of anything exciting happening this week. I did do an interchange with Sis P though. She is currently in an area right next to me...and we started together in the MTC about...16 months ago. In other words, we’ve been together for a loooong time. It was fun to catch up. We talked a loooooooot. A lot happens in a mission in 16 months.

We’re going strong here in El Salvador. Constantly looking for new people to work with. Trying to strengthening the members and their testimonies. Just teaching the doctrine as clearly as we can. I’ve been reading the New Testament, and it’s been pretty instructive. But last night I had a great conversation with a man who has been a member since his mid-twenties, about 30 or 40 years now. I asked him his conversion story.

And it was awesome.

He was studying some form of engineering at the university when he met the Elders. He said they were friends, but then he moved. Then he met some other Elders, and they told him about the prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

He said he argued with the Elders and told them they were stupid. That everything they said was stupid. But they left him a Book of Mormon anyways.

He read it that night until like 1am. ´me golpeo´ he told me...which is like saying, the Book of Mormon hit him. He just said the book was so powerful, and the promises from Moroni struck him. But even more interesting, is that he said it changed him. He wanted to live the gospel. He even broke up with his then-girlfriend now-wife because she wasn’t too psyched about the gospel. (They worked it out later...)

But I was like. That is true. Sometimes people ask me how things are going in the if people are accepting our message and changing. And I’m like.

If they read the Book of Mormon, they always change. They come to church and they get baptized.

If they don’t read it.
Game over.

It’s a powerful witness of Jesus Christ, and spirit that accompanies it is startling sometimes. It changed me and it changes me each day because it draws me closer to the Savior.

Watch this video.

Love you all. Until next week. Read your scriptures.


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