Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Go little brother, Go!

Saying goodbye to Andrew at the airport...without Alaina :(


This week, I am proud to salute yet another faithful family member. 

There are many happenings for la familia Hirschi these weeks. 


So. ANDREW. GO GET EM. Today departs my littlest brother Andrew  Hirschi for the MTC in Provo Utah, to begin his very own 2 year mission! 

Have fun learning Spanish Andrew. (He will be Spanish speaking in Illinois, Chicago West mission)

And have fun eating in the MTC

But for real. Because if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll be living on a lot of eggs and cereal. 


So. Another week down in scorching hot El Sal. Um. The good news is that my Belizean tan is coming back to me really fast. I thought I was doomed to go home white white white. 

Not in this sun Charlie. 


Also, we’ve been living in some fun conditions, considering that we lost power Saturday night and water Sunday morning. 

va creer. 

But the people are quite kind, and a passerby noticed we were living in darkness, and started messing with our cables Sunday night, and lo and behold. 

He fixed it. I didn’t have much to offer him besides the gospel and cookies, but I think that’s fair recompense. We’ll see if he agrees. Tony-you’re a rock star. I think that was his name....


My baby also arrived. Her name is Sister S, and she is from Las Vegas Nevada and she has a desire to WORK. Which is great. We’ll be going strong right to the very endddd. It’s funny though, sometimes she asks me questions like


Was it like this for you in the beginning?

And I can’t remember anymore. I don’t remember not speaking Spanish. I don’t remember milk that doesn’t come out of a box. I don’t remember the food tasting super bland. 

It’s all normal now. 




Guys. I’m short on time again. But hey. We’re working hard. The Lord is blessing us, and the church is true. The Lord loves His missionaries ok? 


Choose the right. 

And Love, Sister Hirschi



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