Tuesday, November 19, 2013

'Pikachu' and other surprising Spanish slang

At the San Salvador LDS temple

So, there is a word here in San Salvador...


 It means gosh. Or dang. Or wow. 

Get the gist??

I have the hardest time remembering this. So the other night I was with some great el Salvadorians, and I just said 'pickachu!!!' bc I couldn’t remember the correct word. Man, they loved it!! They thought I was a comedic genius!! So now that is sorta my thing. I love dropping pikachu everywhere I go. I’m hoping to replace the actual word puchika with pikachu by the end of my mission.. 

But what a week y’all. Always what a week. What happened?? Honestly I don’t really remember. All I know is that the person who said the days are long and the weeks are fast is correct. It’s crazy how fast the time is here. I feel like I have blinked and a week is gone. 

I have been thinking a lot here in El Salvador. Here’s the thing. In long conversations with people...it’s like supermega difficult to follow along in Spanish for extended periods of time. So I have cultivated a new talent. Back in America if I had to entertain myself I needed something. A book, an iPod, a phone. something. Or I went absolutely nuts. But here? Here I have developed a little something I like to call 'Thoughtland'. Thoughtland is the best. Because now all I need is my thoughts and I am content for hours. I think about all sorts of things. Life. Love.

There are actually some benefits to thoughland. One is that I meditate a lot. And that mixed with being saturated in scriptures leads to a lot of spiritual epiphanies. Like this week. I thought about the world vs. Jesus Christ. And how I have to love Christ more that the world...but not only the bad things of the world....the good things too. True religion has to transcend culture, friends...everything...in order for it to be the truth for everyone everywhere. And I thought about the rich man who approached Christ and wanted to know how to obtain eternal life--even though he already kept the commandments. Christ asked him to sell all and follow him. And he couldn’t do it. And I found myself evaluating my own life. Could I really sacrifice everything--my traditions, my culture, my country--everything which I love, to follow Christ? It’s a hard thing to do. 

I also thought about faith, and how faith is not blind at all because we have been given things to increase and augment our faith, namely the commandments. All the commandments help fortify faith--they back it up so to speak. Faith is an action, and when we keep the commandments, like reading the scriptures, our faith is made stronger and our minds our enlightened and we receive more. Ok, I’m doing a pretty awful job of explaining this. All I know is that each time I learn more about the plan of salvation I realize how  incredibly perfect and brilliant God is. It’s brilliant. Trust me. 

So the food here... let’s get to the down and dirty. It’s awesome. It’s actually been pretty easy for me to digest. It’s primarily rice and beans. Also platanos, which are soooooooooo crazy good. Mom, you gotta try um. They are divine. Chocobanas are also pretty popular round here, and those are good. The members feed us probably 3 times a week and the rest is up to us. We buy food a lot from the little stands...but it’s like a buck for a meal so it aint no thang. But it’s good. That’s all I know. The food here is goooood. 

It’s also very hot here, and I think I am continuously dehydrated. So be it. I sweat pretty often. You know. It happens. 

Ok I have lots more to say as per usual but I am out of time. Sorry crowd. This is a pretty rough email. But I want you all to know that people all over the world are the same. I mean really and truly. We all have traditions and cultures sure...but at the heart of it there are pretty few differences. I’ve really only been to 6 countries but its fine. And I love the people here. They are so fun. They crack me up each and every day and now that we can actually communicate a little I am eating it up. Meeting people is the best. 

 Well. I love you all. The church is true. Read the scriptures. Have a wonderful week. Cherish the cold weather. Choose the right. 


Peace out.

Hma Hirschi


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