Monday, November 25, 2013

The wall of Jericho is in El Salvador?

The Wall of Jericho is in El Salvador…Maybe?? I think. 

Last week our zone was at the church building...which has on one side a 30 foot wall, and starts coming down. At first us 20 missionaries were pretty stunned and we just looked at it. Then we saw a crane...doing some work on the other side...and knocking OUR wall down. We notified the workers of our annoyance with some mildly raised voices, but they continued. So, I’m not sure who is financially responsible for this, but we didn’t blow any trumpets so it’s not us. 
La vida in El Salvador is good everyone. There were some crazy adventures this week. I feel like I’d like to try something new this week. A top ten, because a top ten is always a good idea. Here are ten fun things about this country in Latin America that I have moved to. 
10. There are bugs everywhere. Not only outside...inside too. In my house. On my books. On my food. On my shower. In my hair. On my wall. In my backpack. On my skin. The weird thing is that I’m totally over it. It doesn’t bother me anymore--and this is a far cry from the person I used to be. I probably almost even enjoy their companionship. I’m truly never alone with my bug friends.
9.Geckos screech here. They live on our walls and they make weird calls at night. It freaked me out SO bad the first time. why?????

8. The people here love music. And they love to blast it at 80000000 decibels from their tin houses every day. On every street. This is taking music appreciation to a new level.

7. Gringos stick out like sore thumbs here. One time I saw a gringo who wasn’t a missionary and I almost passed out. Seriously, I think I got light headed. And whenever people see US they like to speak to us in English. Broken, heavily accented, barely recognizable English. It’s HILARIOUS every time. Sometimes I think to myself, ´when you opted to learn a few phrases in English, why did you choose to learn those particular words?’ Ever an adventure. Ever learning.

6.There are 4 million stray dogs in this city. That is not an exaggeration. I counted. Maybe. 
5. The people here love Christmas. It’s about 80 degrees and they have zero pine trees, but EVERYONE and their 4 million dogs have a fake Christmas tree. Its magical. 
4. God is heavily infused in their culture. everyone loves God. But they don’t know anything besides the fact that they love God. haha its pretty funny. On their bikes, their buses, their stores, their houses...stickers that say ´gracias a dios´in super sick fonts. I can’t get enough. 
3. They diiiig pupusas. So much. Pupusuas are literally sold on every corner. Not complaining!!

2. Well that is all I have so this is a faux top ten. But, we’ll continue. 

This week. my comp and I had a cita (lesson, or discussion) with this little old lady. She was enjoying some sorbet. Great! That is great. Well I swear to you. I looked down and looked up--in 1 second flat--and somehow, this grandma with superhuman powers has moved across the room and is standing over me and a spoon full of orange slime is shooting towards my face--moving unspeakably fast. And she’s your mouth!! I have a split second decision. Open my mouth...or no?? But do I really have a decision??Like not really. So I open my mouth. And in goes the sorbet. ON the same spoon Grandma had been using. Guys I was sooooo close to losing the contents of my stomach. It was NAAAASTTTYY. But I kept it down. 

So then a few minutes later Grandma tells me that there is a ´rata´under my chair. Remember that I am still learning Spanish. Now, I’ve never before been formally introduced to the word rata. but I was blessed with decent intelligence, and I used my faculties to discern that rata was very likely rat. I discerned correctly. So I get a little crazy bc I am used to bugs...but I’m not on good terms with rats. So I jump out of my chair...and I’m looking underneath for a rat!!  I couldn’t see anything. Finally...I see a little picture of rat pasted onto the wall. What in the?? Grandma starts busting a gut. I guess it was funny. I would give it a 4 on the practical joke scale though. Which isn’t that good. I love it when weird things happen though. 

Our ward (a congregation in the LDS church,300-500 people, is called a “ward”.  About 10 wards constitutes a “stake”)had a talent show this week! And I borrowed a guitar from one of the elders which was da boooomb. Except my fingers got blistered from playing bc my calluses are gone! And guys. I did my first ever performance!! Us four sisters sang amazing grace and I played guitar! it was quite the spectacle.  When the children saw us going home at night with a guitar they demanded a song. Now the neighbor children come banging on our door every night for a song in English. I dunno why, but they love it when we sing in English. It’s a good time I won’t lie. 

Also, we started teaching English this week. You have to know that I am in my element when that happens. I love teaching English. Our students are great. some of them are legitimately crazy. But crazy people are forever more entertaining than sane people. I walk into the room, and student Jorge shouts at me, 'you are the most beautiful pretty wonderful teacher in the world!! THANK YOU!!!!' Class wouldn’t be the same without Jorge. love him. 
So I just want to reaffirm to you all that I love this gospel. This week I was studying the final week of the Saviors life. And it moved me. I am always inspired to share the gospel after studying the life of Christ. When he was being crucified, the paschal lambs were being offered in the temples of the Jews. They didn’t understand. A pagan man, a heathen, Pilot--tried to defend Christ, tried to persuade the people to spare an innocent man...but the chosen, covenant people refused their Lord and King. It’s amazing to me! I just knoooowwww that He lives. That he died. That he lives again. I am learning so much every day about patience and being glad in trials and being long suffering. I wonder how different we would all be if everyone studied the scriptures...especially the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes a day. I wish I could describe how I feel about the Savior and his gospel. But hey...if you love him keep his commandments. 
I’m starting to fit in guys. I really am. companions hair started on fire this week but I don’t have time for that story. I love you all. I’m doing well I promise. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. It’s probably my favorite holiday. 

Also*****(the man they started teaching in last week’s letter)  is doing well. We have begun teaching his wife but we gotta get him to church!!!! He hasn’t come yet. 
Ok, the  dl (district leader…a missionary responsible for group of missionaries in the area) is breathing down my neck!! next week!!


 Hermana Hirschi


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