Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Belize me...this kid's hilarious!


How are things in the continent of North America my friends?
Good I presume.

Things here in Belize are rolling right along, and thus...without further delay, I’d like to share some fun times from my mission this week.

First, meet A***. The single most precocious 6 year old I have EVER been blessed to know in my entire life. Let's be straight, most of my email will probably be about him because every word out of his mouth entertains. Every. Single. One. Last night Sis S and I were teaching A*** and his family. We were talking about the fact that we can return to live with God and our families forever. At which point he says,

"Yes. this is true. but some people will also go TO HELL."
Why thank you for pointing that out A***. Yes, that is true.

The lesson continues... somehow, for reasons still a little obscure to me, we ended up on the topic of Santa. I professed to believe in Santa with all my heart. At which point A*** kindly informed me that Santa IS DEAD.

"Santa died. Yes, he is dead. He died in an accident."
I was distraught but have chosen to not end my own life upon hearing this horrific news.

We went on. But first a little background information. A*** was sitting on a bench about 6 inches from a wall behind him. He was getting pretty worked up through our lesson and a pinch jittery. Then suddenly, he fell backwards into the crack between the wall and his chair and his legs smashed against his face. Have I painted an accurate picture?? His body was completely bent in half.

We erupted in laughter. A*** remained dignified. He emerged from the crack in the wall but the rest of us continued laughing. Sis S and I strove diligently to return to the lesson...but we couldn’t stop laughing. Eventually A*** said,

"OK ENOUGH. Can we please return to our LESSON?!?!"
And we laughed more.
And then we returned to the lesson. Is this kid for real?!?! Who is he?? I LOVE BELIZEANS!

Shoot que mas. I can’t remember what else happened this week. Sorry folks! S*** is reading the Book of Mormon and every lesson with her scares me but we had more inspiring lessons with her this week. I have also discovered that I enjoy talking to anyone and everyone. It’s kind of fun. It’s fun to hear what people believe and to share with them what I believe also. And I have discovered that there is no feeling in the world to surpass that of bringing another person unto Christ...and not just baptism...but true conversion. A true relationship with Jesus Christ. That is why I am here. To help people form that personal relationship.

I know you will all hate me but I am sooo out of time. I am sorry for a super lame email. I love you all. Have a stupendous week and lets all pray for a better email la proxima vez. Spanglish forever.

Sister Hirschi

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