Thursday, January 23, 2014


This week something unusual happened. MY AUNT AND UNCLE CAME TO SAN IGNACIO--THE LAND OF MY MISSION!! 


What a blessing though. We had a ridiculously pleasant time together. Granted our hours were numbered--to 2--but I soaked in each moment. Not going to lie; it was a tad surreal to see my real, live family members here in Belize, but it was way too much fun. I love you Steve and Kathy! Thanks again for stopping by! ;)


Also! I am officially 4 months old in the mission! That is nuts to me.


The term 'jam-packed' was born to the end of describing this week I just lived. Ah man. Every day something new. But first. A few well-deserved shout outs. 


1. HOLA AT MY SINGLES WARD. You guys are da bomb. Ok? I got your card and I just loved it!! Thanks so much ya'll. I read each and every little note from all of you and I reveled in it all. You're all way too tender. Feel free to send more letters in the future. I love you all! much love right now.


2. Grandma & Grandpa Loomis. You are champions. Thanks for the package!!! It was so cherished. Somehow you also know all my favorite things in the world. Thanks so much for the food and the clothes and the hand sanitizer! Love you! 


So maybe a few of you can recall the gold dollar coins we used to circulate in the US? I remember when one came out with Sacagawea. Is that spelled correctly? I don’t mean to disrespect her by butchering the spelling...because I am grateful for her contributions to American history. But. The point of this comment is that if any person has at any time wondered about the location of all the us dollar coins--I have found them. ALL OF THEM. They are here in Belize of course! How they came to ALL be here I cannot tell. But there are millions of them here. Pretty much it’s the only denomination they use here. Another Belizean mystery to rival that surrounding their ancient ruins. 


SO this week Sister S and I are teaching a lesson when a young girl who I consider to be a friend of mine leans over and says to me, 'you know sister Hirschi, you are a lot more childish than sister S'. Personally, I would have preferred a different description. Maybe fun, spontaneous, creative, witty. I dunno. But thanks M****! Your comment will be treasured. 


Tambien, this week we had changes. And sadly, Sister S se fue. She was assigned to a different area and I am very, very, VERYYYY sad about this. She was a rock star and I laughed every day with her. I learned a ton from that Guatemalan fireball. But my new companion is a Mexican American and she is also a force to be reckoned with. We are going to light it up here. I am really looking forward to working with Sister R. But my heart is aching a lil' bit for Sis S


Being a missionary is becoming a real treat for me you guys. I am really learning how to just love and embrace this work. I'm trying so hard to think of something profound I learned this week but nothing is coming. I am legitimately sorry for this. I think maybe I'm just getting happier. And it’s awesome. It's just coming from genuinely forgetting myself in this work. I know sometimes it’s hard to share the gospel with people. It can be awkward. I never considered myself an awkward person before the mission but I've had a lifetime of HUGELY embarrassing moments that were completely beyond hope of salvaging. But who cares you know? Haha that’s probably not terribly inspiring for you all...but I promise that the joy comes. Share the gospel and the light will come. That much I can promise you. 


Ok ya'll. I love you times infinity and to the moon and back. Have a wonderful week and get out there and TALK to people about what you believe. 


Love sister Hirschi

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