Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gettin things bumpin' in Belize

My new companion, Sis R

Ok. Shout-outs for starters this week.   Nicolina D and Phil C. 

I found St. Ives peach face scrub. You bet I cried. And I bought 40 bottles because who knows if I’ll ever be able to find any of that gold ever again in Belize. It feels so good. 

Well what to say. Belize. I wish everyone could be here in Belize because its spectacular. It was a tad cold this week though. And it rained. And my companion and I of course went out to work in the rain because it’s just rain--and I am a Seattle native. Rain doesn’t scare me. Nah man. 

For some reason, strangers on the street were concerned for our welfare. They were just dropping these comments every 10 minutes "you girls are gonna get sick!!" I laughed them to scorn. I said, "That is cute. I am from Seattle. A little rain never hurt nobody foo'. Onward". And because I refused to humble myself, a piece of humble pie was consequently shoved down my throat. The next morning I woke up with a headache, fever, and sinuses clogged like the hoover dam. For real? So I feel pretty lousy. I keep getting hot flashes which is disconcerting. 

But none of this, NONE of it, will temper my overwhelming joy this week. I LOVE the missionary gig. Ok? All the RM's who told me so were correct. I finally know what is going on and how to be a missionary. There is lots I'm not doing that I have to do, sure, but I'm just grooving. My area is the best area in the world and the people are infinitely more interesting. 

Take Brother J for example. He is an 85 year old man who reads fortunes. He used to travel with the circus throughout all of Central America and spoke the fastest Spanish I have heard yet. He is undeniably unique. But he loves the missionaries and is amazingly super positive?? And knows magic--but assures us that it is only tricks and that he doesn’t use the devil's power. 

Belize is nice. Basically my zone is 2 inches away from being organized as a Stake and we are all motivated out of our minds to get out and there and find and teach and invite and build. So close we can taste it and it’s tantalizing. 

I think I’m gonna pass out soon? hah so sick right now.  So I’ve gotta jet. Have faith everyone. I love you all. I love the gospel. Have a fun week. 


Love Sis Hirschi


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