Monday, August 18, 2014

A Tale of Two Missions

Do you know what I love about this mission? At any point in time, my parents don´t actually know what country I am in. 


So. I have news. Big news. Big big big news. 


I have left the land of milk and honey, the land of Rasta’s and rice and beans and ruins and white roads and HEAT and Marie Sharps and steel drums and Kriol and my dearly, dearly beloved....San Ignacio. 


I’m in El Salvador. 


I know, I know. I never saw it coming. Truly never. But I got a call last week and was told to take out my criminal record...which was pretty fishy. I don´t have much to show on that thing.  Then Thursday night I got a call and I was officially informed of my departure. 


This is how I felt: firstly, surprised. I expected to stay in Belmopan. Secondly, ok with it. I cried all tears I had in my body for my entire life time when I had to leave San Ignacio. So it’s unlikely I’ll ever cry again.

But I’m one of THOSE people. Things aren’t real for me until they happen. On the plane it began to settle in. I LOVE Belize. I love it down in my bones!! But overall, I just feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude. I’m so happy for the time that I had in Belize. It was the best time of my life! And while I’m a tad apprehensive about turning this fresh page in El Salvador, I’m excited. 




I was excited. 


Then we landed and I was back in Spanishland and I began to feel exceedingly unilingual. (that’s a word in Kriol. or I just invented it. readers: make the call.)

Despite the fact, I am looking forward to re-immersion in Spanish. It will be tough. It is already tough. I say ´´como??´´ every 5 seconds when people are talking to me. 




Today you will likely be surprised at my choice of breakfast. 

 A chocolate frosty. 


DOES ANYONE. anyone at all. Have any idea how much time has passed since I last indulged? Because there are zero chains in Belize. None at all. The frosty. It tasted alright. Also Wendy’s is super hip?? I didn’t know. But the chairs we sat in were like mini sofas and they played American music instead of reggaeton. Sad day. In fact I’m pretty sure I heard some Luke Bryan in there??


I could really expand here on the differences between Belize and El Salvador. If you´ve never trusted me me now. They are so different! I hadn’t realized how slow and chill Belize is. And now I’m in a very large city. And it’s loud. And there are skyscrapers and paved roads and men in suits and Audis and I am feeling too anxious! It will take some adjusting to get used to a big city again. 


 But man! So much good stuff happened this week! For example, I ate armadillo. For another example, we baptized three people the morning of our departure (and I LOVE them)! For another example, we had a fiesta with a piñata. For yet another example, a family I love from San Ignacio drove from San Ignacio to Belmopan too see me Sunday morning before I left. 


Do I love these people?

Certainly I do. 


Do I love this work?

More certainly I do. 


How do I love Belize? I cannot count the ways. But really, I love being a missionary, and I´m excited to get down and dirty. The point it this: time flies. Today I have 11 months being a missionary. It is such a sacred opportunity to represent Jesus Christ. Sadly, I haven’t been perfect. I haven’t been all that I should. But I’m so grateful for the opportunity to repent and to change. I just love progress. What a great word. What a hope-inspiring word! I’m not perfect today or tomorrow, but I’m getting better. I’m progressing. 


You know another reason I was ok leaving Belize?

I know the Lord is with me. I know that now. He is with all of us. And as long as I keep doing my best to serve him and the people here in El Sal, things will work out. Things will always work out. But here is a quote I really like from president Dieter f Uchtdorf of the 12:



Sorry that is so big. But, knowing that we are eternal beings in nature, it makes a whole lot of sense to me. You know. Today I just feel so happy knowing that it’s all real...that Christ really came. That He really lives. That He really overcame everything for us. That He is really helping us to improve. That He is really mindful of me! Of my circumstances. It’s so awe-inspiring. So here is my advice. Don’t worry. Be happy. I find it fitting coming out of my Caribbean experience. The gospel is true. If we are righteous we really have reason to not worry and to be happy. I love you all. I know Jesus Christ is the Messiah. I know God speaks to prophets today and that He loves us.


Write me. Next week I will know where my new area and new companion will be. So stay tuned. But until then,


Love always, 

For maybe one last time


SISTA Hirschi


Man I love Kriol.


PS Mom and dad. I bought probably a few souvenirs before I left Belize. Hence the dent in the bank account. Ding!


psps everyone and their dog please watch the following video if you want to be SO OUT OF YOUR MIND inspired. 



Also watch this one, if you want to shed some tears and love our Heavenly Father a lot more. 

Let’s be honest, the first part is super cheesy. But hang in there and you will receive your reward.

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