Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Im running out of funny subject lines!

Maybe you won’t believe me, maybe you will. This week, we were again invited to an American family's house for dinner. And this time they showered us with more American goods. 


Do you guys fully appreciate America? I am unsure. THIS time, we were the recipients--EACH--of an entire bottle of Skippy smooth peanut butter, a 6-pack of applesauce, and a Ghirardelli chocolate bar. Also, I got a tube of crest toothpaste. 




The Lord is merciful. You may veritably think I am joking but I am not!! Haha I am so grateful for those luxuries! Largely because my fear of diabetes is worsening. Everyone in Belize seems to have diabetes, and I am questioning whether or not I too will be struck if I don't clean up my diet of tortillas, coke, and cookies. Yikes! At least I do insanity. 


Speaking of coke, Belizeans LOVE coke. More than water. They drink so much coke. It is statistically speaking, out of control. Nearing an epidemic I fear. The thing is, when I entered Belize I didn’t' even like coke. But then I got offered so much coke so I started drinking it. And then...I began to like it. And now...I begin to love it. 


No worries Dad, I saw where that was going real fast. I have ended the love affair with coke. We broke it off about a week ago. Now I am a once a weeker with coke. Sometimes twice. It’s a self-control thing. I have seen what coke has done to other missionaries...and the effects can be devastating. IN place of water, they drink coke, and in place of health, they have kidney stones. 


NOT my cup of cocoa. 


But, bringing things back to Belize, it was a long week. But a good week! One filled with the spirit and tender mercies. I learned some valuable lessons. Like this one:


a. Don’t let wet laundry sit in the machine for 8 hours. It will smell. BAD. Then you'll have to wash it another three times with some heavy-duty, this-means-business cleaners. Boo. 


Also, it is HOT. As in 103 degrees with 100% humidity hot. I think I got a lil dehydrated there one day and I personally was feeling a pinch under-the-weather. I guess 100 ounces a day is not sufficient in these conditions. Who knew? My head and my stomach knew. They both revolted. But I have repented and I drink plenty of water. Mom--it's all good in the hood. 


We are teaching a wonderful lady named Sister W right now! She has cancer and her husband is a recent convert to the church. She is just so sweet and kind...aaaaaand she is from San Ignacio! So naturally, I love her. This week we shared this video with her:



If you feel like crying your eyeballs out right now you should watch it. Anyways, Sister W is getting closer. She wants to be with her husband and she wants to have an eternal family, especially in the face of all this uncertainty. I know that is possible through the gospel of Jesus Christ! 


I have been focusing a lot on how the purpose of this life is to become Christ like. How Christ commanded us to be like His father--who is perfect! And I know we are here to change our very nature--to change what we are. I know we need a vision for that. We plan so much in our lives--career, education, exercise routines, everything. We plan everything--even though this is not an exhaustive list. But do we plan for what we want to be? When you strip away all the titles and the awards...what is our nature? When you take away 'accountant' 'doctor' or whatever it is...what are we? 


Are we kind, humble, patient, selfless, faithful, courageous. What is in our core? What are our desires? 


Do we plan for what we want to be? Well I haven't...until this week. There are qualities that I want incorporated into my character...things I want to be. I know I can change and become something that I'm not...only through the power of Christ's atonement. That's the only way. That's why He came. That's why we're here! Good stuff. 


Guys. I love you. Thanks to all those who write. It means the world to me. It really does. 

SO hang loose. Have a great week, and live the gospel. Nothing will bring you greater happiness. 




Sista Hirschi



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