Monday, October 6, 2014

Haircuts, Prophets and the humble people of El Salvador

Well a year in the mission starts to do things to you...good things. Really really good things. 


For example, this morning I woke up, and I was like, Hmm. I’m gonna cut my hair. I am so stinking tired of my hair. 


So I cut off like 7 inches over my bathroom sink. My hairdresser will be appalled in 6 months’ time. I’m sure. I was like...cracking up because I butchered it so bad. But the thing is, I’ve spent enough time in El Salvador and Belize that things like bad haircuts hardly seem important anymore. Let’s feed the starving children down the street before we become preoccupied with my split ends. 


So I got my first trainee in the mission! Her name is Sister M and she is a little trooper! I am impressed with her enthusiasm and excitement for the work. She´s got blisters alllll over her feet, but she soldiers on. She also has blonde hair and green eyes and doesn’t notice when the men are being men, so I carry a freshly sharpened machete at all times. Haha I remember when I was oblivious too...


I guess I’ve been reflecting a lot on the beginning of my mission this week given that I am creating a beginning experience for Sis M. It’s just INCREDIBLE how much I’ve learned. I forgot that at the beginning I really didn’t understand Spanish. Like at all. How bizarre. But she is awesome. We will be a dream team. 


Sadly, her very first day in glorious El Sal, we were harassed by a drunk homeless man who refused to leave our doorstep. He wanted some money, but the rules are that we don’t give money. I invited him, cordially, to church and he got on the ground and started bowing to me and exclaiming that he was Jewish. 


Just another day in Central America folks. No need to stop and stare. 

The antics went on for several minutes and finally I just gave him a dollar. He left abruptly. Then I repented. 


But, I want to focus this email on the MIRACLES we saw in El Sal.  And that the Lord is hastening His work...especially during General Conference weekend. (General conference is a semi-annual meeting for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The presiding leaders of the church speak during 5  two hour sessions over 2 days)  Incredibly, we had 8...count em EIGHT nonmembers attend general conference! And boy, we were all edified. Some highlights right quick—(Out of the 10 hours of counsel she listened to, these are the things that popped out at her)


1. Get really, really good at repenting. 


2. Get really, really good at forgiving. 


3. I knew it would be easier to follow the example of our Savior with her at my side. (awwwwwwwww so sweet!) (I don’t remember this quote…I’ll have to look up who said this about his wife…it is sweet!)


4. Trying to please others before pleasing God is inverting the first and second great commandments (Matt. 22:37-39). It is forgetting which way we face.”


5. The sacrament becomes a spiritually strengthening experience when we listen to the sacrament prayers and recommit to our covenants.” 


6. May we make the decision to increase our level of worship and commitment to God, and may our response to His invitation be heard loud and clear:  ‘Yes Lord, I will follow Thee!'



It was all so inspiring and motivating. So now, take into consideration C.   We prayed so hard to find more people who would be willing to come to and appreciate this great opportunity to listen to a prophet of God. Saturday night we knocked on a door and very nice man, C,  opened up. We began talking, we asked if we could come in, he said yes. He is Catholic, but we explained that God still calls prophets, that His nature never changes. C responded by asking how I could expect someone to respond to such a declaration! He said ¨Seriously?? There is a prophet on the earth today? ¨ 

We said he could listen to him the next day in ......general conference! 

´Where? Where can I listen to him? ´

And lo and behold...C came to general conference. He told us afterwards that this is all very new, but soooo interesting to him. I am SO EXCITED to teach this man. A humble, honest truth seeker. 


M also came with her family! She brought her boyfriend and son and sister in law and mother in law. They stayed for two sessions. I made her kids popcorn to try and pacify them. 


Also, who loved the new feature of the general authorities speaking in their native tongue?? I did.
(The general authorities-presiding leaders of the church- constitute 1. The prophet/president of the church and his two counselors 2. The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and 3. the Quorum of the Seventy as well as Presidencies of the auxiliaries such as the Young Woman's) 

Ok. With renewed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and conviction in this--His restored gospel, I testify that He lives! That His gospel is the only plan of happiness. FAITH REPENTENCE BAPTISM RECEIVING THE HOLY GHOST AND ENDURING TO THE END. We can change! There is always hope! Pray! Be righteoussssss. 




The conference talks can be read/watched/listened to at his link



Until next week. 

Hermana Hirschi
El Salvador

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