Monday, September 29, 2014

Incarcerated and Indignant:Why Solitary Confinement is Really Bad and Pretty Boring.


Hahahaha ok alright. I know. This subject line is ridiculous. Just, bear with me for one moment. 


Sister W fell grievously ill this week and I have been in our house...doing next to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 5 days. I am a social person....I am not doing well under these conditions. 


But as promised, during my 500 hours of free time, I produced the top ten of El Salvador. I love  El Salvador more every day. So I proudly present, 




10. I'm in a city, and there are two modes of transportation...your legs and the bus. The drivers earn their cut based on how many people ride their ship. So...get on and get off fast. it’s not uncommon to see people hanging out the doors. They PACK THOSE BABIES TIGHT. Like sardines. The concept of personal space doesn’t exist on these shores. 


9. There are vigilantes in front of every residential street along with a huuuge gate. You either have to live in the community to get in, or you have to be an American girl. Sweet talkin to save souls 200%. The houses in all the communities look freakishly similar, and I can’t help but remember that one episode in SpongeBob when Squidward moves to his Squidward land and everything is the same. Great episode. 


8. The streets are extremely picturesque. They are made of cobblestone and on every corner. There are flowering trees with bright orange, purple, and red blooms. Add to that the volcanoes and the misty clouds in the background and you’ve got yourself a national geographic cover.


7. It’s probably a tiny bit less safe than my good ol hometown of Snohomish Wa and maybe a little less dangerous than Brovo, Utah. (not a spelling error mom:))) If you realllly wanna know, MS is my side of the street and 18 is on the other. I actually have no idea if I’ve ever even talked to a gang member, but we talk with everyone, so I probably have. But let’s just say...hay lugares donde no nos metemos durante la noche. (There are places we don’t go at night)


6. The Latin culture is really into romance. It’s....super cheezy. The cheesier the better. Their culture is also really into Christianity. Every bus sports 800 decals ´DIOS ES AMOR´dicen.


5. El Sal is waaaay ahead of Belize developmentally. The kids all dress like Americans and everyone has a smart phone. Pizza Hut and Wendy’s are like the coolest places in town. This area is a lot more affluent than my first in ES. I’ve seen some seriously cool cats strut down these streets. 


4. It is a city of couples. I’m not even joking! It blows BYU spring time right out of the Great Salt Lake. There are couples EVERYWHERE. So much love in this congested air. 


3. A surprisingly large amount of people speak English. Especially in the church. It’s nice to be able to speak in my native tongue from time to time. 


2. There is a vigilante right next to our apt, guarding ´elsy´s cakes´ with a loaded shot gun on him at all times. To be honest, I’m not sure what this is doing for elsy´s marketing approach. But I’m not too stupid either, and I’ve become fast friends with the guy. So...if anything ever goes down, I’ve got Jose and his shot gun to help me out. 


1. Of course. You knew this one the whole time. PUPUSAS. Live happy, die fat. Everywhere....every ten feet there is a pupuseria. Also a barber shop...which continues to baffle me. How do they all stay in business???


Well folks. There it is. You can probably really understand why I love it here so much. In addition, I found out last night I’m going to be a trainer this change!!! woohoooo. I’m scared...I’m going to corrupt some poor little missionary. Can’t wait. 


Also. I gotta tell you guys about M
. She is a ROCKSTAR. So much faith. So much trust in the Lord, so willing to do what she needs to, to find the truth. The work is really picking up. I want to introduce all of you to all these people but that would be weird because the majority of my readers don’t speak would result in a fairly awkward meeting.


But. Yeah. I hope all of you...EACH AND EVERYONE...are preparing for general conference!! THE PROPHET WILL SPEAK TO US! And we will be edified. 


I just want to testify. God is our Father. Faith in Him means that we will act. If we want to know if something is true...we have to put forth the faith first to try it out. God knows us. He knows our struggles, each of which is a blessing because we need it to achieve our divine potential. 


I know Christ lives. I just know it. His sacrifice was real and is eternal in every aspect. In depth and breadth. We can turn to Him, we can have faith and be healed! I just know that these things are true! I am so, so filled with joy and happiness to know these truths for myself! I love this gospel. 


And, I love everyone who still remembers my name. 

Be good. Follow the Savior. Just do it! He has done so much for you...much more than we can pay back. So just choose to be happy! Follow Him. 


And watch general conference. The Lords church is on the earth today. There is no doubt in my mind of its truthfulness. ç


Love always, 

Hermana Hirschi

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