Monday, September 15, 2014

Pupusas are not healthy

aaaand we are movin. 


Another week...gone. I am happy to report that I was not ill this week, which made the world of difference. But I do think I will single handedly keep ´´OFF´´ in business. I am kind of a freak for Off these days. I really don’t want to get sick again. If I get bug bite...I have a nervous breakdown. I am happy to report that the smell has even become pleasant for me. I actually enjoy it. I no longer associate off with camping. I associate it with health, fortune, and happiness. 


I had a lot of meetings this week. One time I heard something funny...there are actually 14 Articles of Faith. The 14th being- We believe in meetings, all that have been scheduled, all that are now scheduled, and we believe that there will yet be many great and important meetings scheduled. We have endured many meetings and hope to be able to endure all meetings. Indeed, we may say that if there is a meeting or anything that resembles a meeting or anything that we may possibly turn into a meeting, we seek after these things.


So I can testify of this now. Meetings aren’t always bad though. I learned some good stuff. 

For example, in one meeting, President showed us a three minute clip of Rocky 3. As missionaries, we haven’t seen or heard any a long time. We got pretty pumped up. And who doesn’t love a good montage with Sylvester sprinting on the beach, swimming laps, and boxing his little heart out. It was a lot of fun and I was newly inspired to double my exercise efforts.


So the people in El Salvador. While they are so different from my lovely Belizeans, they are SO KIND. So so so kind. Everyone is so happy to see me and it’s really nice. 


One challenge that I am facing here in El Sal is the currency. I think everything is dirt cheap, and then I realize that it is in US dollars, and not in Belizeans. It’s tough, but I am retraining my brain. 


Once again, I am out of time. Shoot. good. Think of others before you think of yourself. That is the key to happiness. I heard this week that humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking less in yourself. 


Be kind. Be patient. Be loving. 


I love you all. Jesus Christ lives. Next week will be the best letter in the world I promise. 


Love always, 


Hermana Hirschi

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