Monday, September 15, 2014

A few more adventures

waaazzzz up Americanos!


Soooooo HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY. From El Salvador, to America. 


Today is Independence Day, so luckily there was a parade-or 4-that passed in front of our house today. I was in the shower when all the going-ons began, so I missed a bit. 



I would like to start off with some great times we had this week, beginning with a hair-raising experience. Last week, my companion and I decided to do some shopping in order to buy some food. Here, everyone uses public transportation, or, buses. Mmhmm. They are a lot of fun. And as to rules of the road here...there is only one. Don’t get hit. Or in the positive form, survive.


So, my compa and I unassumingly jumped on a bus making our way for the store. The driver was possibly inebriated. I can’t say. But, I can say he that he was driving like a MANIAC. A certified PSYCHOPATH. And, when it came our time to disembark, we had to jump out of a moving bus. My first time ever. The driver slowed down a little for the stop, but I knew he wouldn’t stop completely. So I kinda shoved my compa out and jumped after her. Oops! We both stuck the landing. My ankle hurt a little, but apart from that, we’re alive and well. 8/10 danger factor.


Additionally, Everyone in Belize had taken a rapt interest in the state of my skin. Everyday people commented on it. But for 9 months I labored, each and every day, to achieve a golden glow. I was bent on returning from my mission with glowing, beautiful, sun-kissed skin. And, when I left Belize, I had a nice tan going for me. But I regret to inform the world that, in a mere month, MY TAN IS TOTALLY GONE. All of it. I am whiter than new fallen snow. What kind of injustice is this?? I cannot say. All I know is that I will suffer skin cancer in my old age due to my time in Belize and I don’t even have a tan to show for it. That’s what you call a rip off. Thanks a ton El Salvador. But at least it isn’t burning hot here. 


Soooo Sister W and I are working really hard on our Spanish. We placed a few goals this week and one of them was to speak only Spanish outside of our humble abode. And man. We are killing it! I am proud to report that our Spanish is improving at lightning speed. I almost feel like a native...just give me ten more years. Haha no I still have a lot to learn but I don’t sound as horrific as I did last week. 


The best part about El Sal?? You can buy any American film for a dollar here. 


So what did me and my compa purchase?

Insanity, and every other workout video we can get our grimy missionary hands on. We are starting a collection. But hey--if anyone needs any Spanish granted...let me know and I’ll pick it up for you. 


We started English classes again! There is a huge interest in learning English here so were hoping for a good turn out! I love teaching a lot. I love their accents. 


Believe it or not folks....I am hitting ONE YEAR in the mission this week. I can barely believe it. I can barely believe the time is gone, and all the crazy experiences I have had. And all that I have learned! I am sure I learned more in this past year than i learned in ten years before the mission. Including...a new language! Here is a compiled list of a few things I learned a little bit about


1. People are the same all over the world. They are different, but really, they are the same. We’re all children of God. 

2. Not everyone lives like we do in America. MOST people just worry about living day to day. Where their next meal will come from...etc

3. In some countries, it’s acceptable to eat with your hands. You won’t get threats from the head of the household about being kicked out into the barn you don’t have. 

4. God is with His servants. 

5. Missionaries work hard. Elders may drive you up a wall, but they are tender.

6. Some of my very best friends live in San Ignacio, Belize

7. Kriol, while not a written language, is an official language, and is hard to speak. 

8. My blood is actually Latina. 

9. I have a third set of grandparents named the Rinderknechts. 

10. You can fix a lot of things around the house with creativity. 

11. Cockroaches really aren’t that bad. 

12. How to be humble

13. How to not be proud

14. How to work. 

15. How to love other people. 

16. How to pray and really talk to my heavenly father. 

17. This is Christ’s church. He lived here on the earth. He walked among the Jews and performed numerous miracles. Then He gave His life in a manner more excruciatingly painful than we can understand or begin to fathom because He loves us. The Father has a perfect plan for us. Christ’s church is on the Earth. The scriptures are the word of God and have the power to change us if we permit. They are a treasure. 


THIS WORK IS TRUE! I love this gospel. I love the people of Mejicanos. Although this mission experience has been a challenge, it has been the greatest blessing of my life. Every day is hard, and every day I am more and more grateful for it. I love you all, and I love Jesus Christ. He is our Savior! He lives! I KNOW IT. Let us do all we can to love Him. 


Guys, be good. Next week, to whet some appetites, you’ll be getting the top ten of Mejicanos! Get pumped!! Until then, love life. 


Hermana Hirschi

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