Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hirschi como el chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alaina with an Elder from Guatemala
Hey people. 


Another super duper week in El Salvador!! I love it guys. I just love this mission life. It’s the best. It is its own little world and I’m totally sucked in. 


I don’t know how to organize my thoughts from this week, so I’m just gonna be straight. You straight?


My shower shocks me. I know that the shower is an unusually frequent email topic for me, but it never ceases to throw curve balls. The latest is that it sends electrical currents through my body when i touch the knob. It hurts. I’ve tried to dilute the pain by touching the knob with both hands, and it seems to be pretty effective. 


I’m not sure how many of you have served missions, but those who have will know that we get our money at the beginning of each month. And those of you who know me will know that I’m not always suuuper savvy when it comes to budgeting. Granted, I am learning. In the school of life. And this was the last week of the month. So I was gearing up to eat rice and beans all week...but then my companion and I prayed to get free food...AND IT WORKED. Hahahahaha. Almost every day we got a toooon of free food!! I testify of the power of prayer. 


In addition, my prayers in the morning are nuts. We generally end each day talking to Hno M, our ward mission leader. Obvio, we speak Spanish. And then add to that we speak Spanish all day. But normally, I still think in English. But as of late, when I pray in the morning and I’m not totally coherent, my prayers go a little like this:


Queirdo padre father, gracias and please nos bendice to have exito today. gracias. En el nombre of Jesus Christ, amen. 


It’s just weird. 


But good news guys! My friends are coming back from Belize! This week we had changes and I’m still with my compa Sis M which is great. And a bunch of people came back from Belize. It was fun to be reunited. 


The thing is. I want to give you good people a heads up. From here on out, it’s very likely my emails will get shorter and lamer. I’ll talk to you guys in person in 4 months. 


But the spiritual seizures siguen. AH SPANGLISH. My brain is so confused. That’s another reason for the shorter emails. We had a neat experience this week. As missionaries, we have an extra portion of the spirit to guide us and lead us. And if you aren’t as slow as me then you recognize when the spirit is talking to you. But this week, I finally learned to act on the promptings! My compa and I went to a ladies house for an appointmentt and it fell through so we were leaving. As we walked past a house I just had this thought...knock that door. And I thought “naaahhh. No thanks.” So I kept walking, and then the thought persisted and I thought. “Fine. I’ll follow the spirit.” 


So we touched the door, and a sweet little lady came out. Miraculously, she let us in. Then her daughter entered the room and we told her about our temple activity that we were having and she was so intrigued! And she was profusely grateful. She is really excited to keep learning from us. The Lord guides us. I know He does. 


We gave a tour outside the temple this Saturday! I taught family history with sister M. I showed a couple pictures of my family. Including a postcard I got in California once of some men in the mines. My family members aren’t pictured, but it’s an old picture so I thought that was good enough. I gave some info about my family history and my name...Hirschi. And I said that joke...you know the one. Soy Hna Hirschi, como el chocolate...close to 14000 times. Some crowds were tougher than others. But it’s generally a pleaser. 


I know this the Lords church. I know He lives. I know the mission is the BEST THING IN THE WORLD. 


I read this morning that the power of a testimony doesn’t come from eloquence or from the volume of your voice, but from your personal conviction. 


Guys, I’m convicted. Very convicted. 


Christ lives. Remember Him. 


Stay cool. 



Hna Hirschi

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