Monday, November 24, 2014

The finest breed on earth storms CHICAGO WEST MISSION SPANISH SPEAKING

A Multi zone meeting.  Alaina and her two companions are on the right
with Pres and Sis. Hintze




He will be serving the Lord in Chicago! For two years...and speaking my BELOVED Español!! Can I tell you guys I’ve been praying that he would go Spanish speaking for the last 14 months?? Latino wannabes in the Hirschi family. 


But basically, we meet someone on the street, we say


“Hi, we’re missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and  MY BROTHER IS SERVING IN CHICAGO!!!!!! ISNT THAT WONDERFUL!?!?!?!”


hahahahaha I think we will get many baptisms from this new method of contacting. (jk)


The only bad part, ya´ll, is that he is leaving for this adventure of adventures on February 18th. And if any of ya´ll even remember, I’m coming home exactly one month afterwards. So I’ll miss him for another two years BY ONE MONTH. 


Don’t worry. We won’t give up that easily. The Provo MTC might be well guarded, but she isn’t impenetrable. Breaking and entering. It’s happening.  March 2015.


Hahah ok. But coming down just like 3 feet from that cloud I’m on, I have other news! 


This week I was reflecting on my many adventures in the field, and I thought to myself. “Wow, I just have two changes to go, I don’t think there is ANYTHING new they can throw at me. I’ve had colorful companions, I’ve trained, I’ve been to Belize, I’ve been back, I’ve been a training leader, I’ve had companions that spoke no English, I’ve seen it all. I think its smooth sailing from here on out!”




Maybe that is something I am secretly addicted to when it comes to the mission. ALWAYS surprises. 


I got a call from Sis Hintze Tuesday morning (The Mission Presidents wife).

“Hi Sister Hirschi, so I’m about to change your life here.”


Those sorts of sentences always inspire confidence. I immediately assumed one of my immediate family members was dead. So I am practically on the floor like, 




“You’re getting another baby!!!” (Mission speak for “you will be training a new missionary”)


Twins??!! (Sorry in advance mom for all the mission jargon) (She knows I’ll be trying to translate for everyone J-Alaina’s mom)

Yes. It is true; we are now working in a trio! My first trio in my mission! And I’m training two new missionaries! 


Sister O is my new baby. She is from California, but her parents are Mexican so she speaks perfect Spanish. HALLELUJAH! She is helping me out a lot. She waited for her visa one change (6 weeks) in Texas, and arrived just this week. She is also 19 and guess what guys. SHE GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL IN 2014. Huh??? So young! 


She is an EXCELLENT missionary, but has been a little shocked by the culture. 

Here is an example:


Sis O: “Wait, we just cross the street without a cross walk?”

Me:  “There are no crosswalks in this country.”


I just forget a ton of things that I’ve gotten accustomed to, and she gets really confused and then I have to retrace and explain. 


But it is weird how training two newbies is really like motherhood, and how taking on a second daughter has seriously increased the responsibility. I think I can relate to mothers all over the world right now. I have panic attacks from time to time on meeting BOTH of their needs and keeping BOTH of them safe and carrying enough snacks for BOTH of them and making sure they BOTH are having a great experience and feel happy. 


Sometimes I can’t sleep! hahahaha. 

But they are BOTH stupendous, and I love them both. They are mis hijas amadas, they follow me around like a mother duck. 


I am well pleased in mis hijas amadas. 


Well. Apart from that. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! We had a party this week and we ate turkey and pie. Shoot I love pumpkin pie. Also, El Sal continues to blow my mind. Take from that what you will. I love it. The members are the bomb. 


So this week. Be grateful. We have so much! These people here always amaze me with their gratitude. Guys...if you’re living in the United States you have 65451654354656464 times more things and stuff than anyone here in this country. Trust me. I am so grateful for all that I have been given. Here’s a list to help y’all spin your own. 


1. MY LITTLE BROTHER ANDREW and his example. 

2. My mom and dad and Brandon and Emma. 

3. Mis hijas amadas and companeras. 

4. All my wonderful extended family that writes me so faithfully!

5. Belize. 

6. El Salvador. 

7. The lady who gave us a ride to Walmart this morning. 

8. Br.  M (their Ward Mission Leader-the one who gave her 5 minutes’ notice to give a talk in church a few weeks back…I guess she forgave himJ)

9. The scriptures

10. Living prophets and Apostles

11. The Restoration

12. Spanish

13. School


15. Houses

16. Christmas time. 

17. Music

18. God

19. Jesus Christ

20. The plan of salvation

21. Kylie and Jakers and their examples

22. Clean water

23. Beds

24. Walking

25. The lady who sells insanity sets (workout videos) and finds my house in El Salvador and brings it right to me

26. President Hintze and Hermana Hintze. 

27. Barrio Mejicanos

28. Email and Skype. 

29. People who still can pronounce my name

30. Chocolate.

31. Temples. 

32. C and his baptism this week

33. The S family

34. That my cousin BRITTANY IS GETTINGMARRIED after I get home from my mission :)))

35. The sacrament

36. General Conference

37. Pupusas

38. Friends. Like Wes and Zac.

39. People willing to listen to our message


And on and on and on


Just to name a few. 


I love you all! Be good. Serve missions. Live the gospel. 


Much love, 

Sister Hirschi





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