Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Happy thanksgiving y’all. I hope you ate much turkey. 


Honestly I totally forgot about it the day of...becauseeeeeee




How many of you have planned a wedding in three days? I think that can go on my resume actually. That must qualify me for something. 



So I think by now you are pretty familiar with investigator of ours. Well, she has a boyfriend--Mo, and together they have a son. We have been teaching them the gospel for about 3 months now, and they really needed to get married so they could be baptized. 


Well Monday I called M and I was like, 


Heyyyy. How’s it going. 


Good it’s my birthday!


Wow really? That’s great! Happy birthday! So. Do you want to get married on Saturday?


....................ha. haha. 


I thought this was going to not happen. The goal was to marry them Saturday, and baptize them Sunday. Well Wednesday evening we went to their house, and taught M and Mo a SUPER powerful lesson on the importance of families in God’s plan. Questions see this link


And somehow...M and Mo were like, ok yeah. We’ll get married. 


And I was like..


sooooooooooooo. This Saturday? 

They were pretty hesitant at first. But we told them they already had been together for 4 years! What’s the holdup, you know? Let’s get these people to the temple!!!


And they agreed. 

Then the pandemonium ensued. We immediately contacted a lawyer and began paper work. Then we contacted the ward and started working with. 


Br. Merino, Sister M (my companion) and I ran from dawn until dusk Thursday visiting EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of our ward to solicit their help and to invite them to the wedding. I made close to 40.000 phone calls each night when we came in to get everything in order. One member drove like 6 hours round trip Thursday morning to get some needed papers for M. The bishop and his wife took us to the alcaldia to pull out papers for Mo. And guess who was there. 


OUR friend from the event with the Canadian doctors! He recognized us, even though we didn’t recognize him. And he got us all we needed in like, 20 minutes, informing us that without him, we would’ve been there for about 3 hours. That was A MIRACLE because we needed to get all the paper work to the lawyer ASAP. Friends in high places and low places helping us out. 


Well I didn’t sleep too much. But in two days, by Saturday morning, we had pretty much everything ready to go, we just had to do the actual wedding. 


Then the lawyer called me. 

And calmly explained to me they couldn’t get married. 

Well I couldn’t handle that ONE BIT. So I told the elders to call her and figure it out. 


To make a VERY long story short, there was something wrong with the papers we pulled out for M, and the office was closed Saturday and there was NO WAY OUT. None. The wedding was canceled for Saturday. We got this news at about 11 am Saturday morning. We were set for Saturday night at 7. 


We immediately set to work trying to FIND any other option. I called every person I knew. M and Mo were freaking out. I was lying on the floor and the lawyer turned off her phone because so many annoying missionaries were calling her begging her to FIND SOME WAY. 


So. Around 3, my companion and I just prayed. A lot. I called my good friend Elder G, an assistant. I said, Elder G, fix this please. He WENT TO THE LAWYERS HOUSE and we sent him all the legal documents we had for M. Then. We waited. I paced the house back and forth for about thirty minutes. And we read about faith and we HAD faith. I said this prayer.


“I can’t fix this. To man this situation seems impossible. BUT I know you can put the right people in the right place to work A MIRACLE.”


Elder G called me back. 

“They can get married.” 


We cried and screamed a little and at 4:30 we went to finish up the details. 

They got married. 

It was a beautiful service. 





M, Mo and C (another investigator they've been teaching for awhile) all got baptized! The baptismal service was absolutely stunning. Many members came to support the three in their choice to follow the savior. 


So, when all is said and done. 

I am never planning a wedding again. 

I need to sleep. 

But I KNOW faith is a real power. We can literally work miracles! We can make things happen through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 




 And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.


Be righteous. Have faith. This is the work of the Lord! 

Love Sister Hirschi


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