Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alright you faithful readers. Here comes a doozy.

(HI all, I had to do a little editorializing in this letter because I had no idea who/what Alaina was talking about in several parts of the letter.  If you know, you are probably young and hip, but for the rest of us, I added explanations in parenthesis.-Alaina's Mom)

Happy Wednesday! Changes were this week week (Every 6 weeks some missionaries are transferred to new areas. It’s known as “transfers” here in the US, but they must call it “changes”in Belize) and I will continue to reside in my hometown of SI, Belize! I am stoked because I know almost everyone here. Or enough that when I walk down the streets I say “hi” to at least 20 people in the space of 50 yards. Nothing beats that feeling. I love SI. In fact I have made so many friends in so many right places that this week Ii was invited to take a yacht to a private island...........

Waiting for the go-ahead from president on that one. Keep your fingers crossed. 
(For those of you not familiar with missions, this is meant tongue in cheek.  No way that is going to happen!)

Also. I speak Spanish. I wish you knew the love that is burning within me for all things Latin these days. I love Mexicans. I love El Salvadorians. I love EVERYTHING LATINO. Bachata above all (An Afro Latino genre of music that originated in the Dominican Republic in the early parts of the 20th century) 

So this week me and my wonderful companion decided to start running in a park near our house. Well it turns out that after a 5 month hiatus, your body will initially reject a return to a running regimen. How do you resolve the conflict? Competition with Tom Hardy. 

So Sister R and I are running around this park...a lap is probably 1/3 of a mile...when suddenly we see this man who looks identical to Tom Hardy...only blonde. But yeah, he has traps on traps on traps. ok. So the Tom look-alike and we are running opposite directions. Then after about 15 minutes I realize he turned around and is coming up on our tail. I wanted to race him--actually I just didn’t want him to pass me. So I started booking it and I was scared half to death because Tom Hardy ( I was very confused by this name dropping so I had to look this guy up…he’s an actor.  Breakout role was in Inception) was a foot behind me this whole lap and I can hear him breathing. The thing that kept me going despite extreme pain? I chanted to myself 'America, AMERICA, AMERICA'. Because America always wins. 

I won. I beat Tom Hardy round the track. The result: next day? Couldn’t walk. What’s up Tom!!!

So apart from that fun, pride building and muscle destroying experience, I saw the single most hilarious moment of my life pass by me this week. 

Sunday mornings are crazy in the mission. Every week you go get alllll your investigators and wake them up and try to nonchalantly invite them to church. It’s cool. 

So. Sunday morning. 8:24 am. Sis R and I roll up to E***’s apartment. There are about 5 lil kids outside. I proceed to knock on E***’s door gently. Once, twice, three times. No response. Well this kid, Junior, sees me knocking. He climbs up on a table under E***’s window, winds up his arm, and PUNCHES THE WINDOW AS HARD AS HE CAN. I am so stunned that I BUST out laughing. Then Junior jumps off the table and runs away. BUT he comes back, and continues to pound E***’s window with at least 3 more fists. I am basically on the floor laughing and Sis R is super concerned. 

 E*** got up. 

But he was drunk. Which equals not going to church. 

In addition, I fell off my bike hard core yesterday. Oops. ouch. My hand is looking pretty meaty these days. It's been rendered completely useless and I can now empathize perfectly with Bethany Hamilton ( Wikipedia: The inspirational Christian athlete from Hawaii who courageously returned to surfing after surviving the loss of her arm to a shark.)

ahhh out of time! Next week will be Belize top ten. Just to whet some appetites. 

 Also Christ like love! I am learning patience and love no matter what! Sorry I am running low on time...but no shocker here...the church is still true. 

I love you all!


Sister Hirschi. stay true. 


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