Thursday, March 27, 2014


Good morning America.

let's begin.

It was a good week. I think? To be honest when I look back on the weeks each Tuesday, I don’t really remember what happened. So I just usually summarize with a general statement like...'it was a good week'.

Actually, yesterday was one of the coolest days of the mission yet. Because my zone--or a group of 22 missionaries--went to Caracol! The biggest ruin in Belize. And I LOVED it. We took a three hour bus ride to the hills and it was wild.

I just want to verify--did you guys know that there are t-rex in Belize??

Jurassic park is alive a kicking.

no JOKE.

Because we get to this HUGE ruin, and atop, we hear a terrifying roar. Initially, i thought the elders were messing around, and I was extremely impressed with their ability to imitate a lion/dinosaur. but the continues.

After further investigation, turns out that the noise originated from HOWLER MONKEYS. I was stunned. Those things are ear-splitting! and terrifying.

Apart from that, the drunk man that tried to bite me last week makes a return this week...this time hefting a 15 foot-long pole in his hands with a blade attached to the end as he strolls down the street. It was...unnerving. When we had to walk past, I was doing this strange slinking/sneaking/tiptoeing movement. He acknowledged me, but did not try to sever me in two. For this, I am profoundly grateful.

My recognition in San Ignacio is on the rise. There are now 4 sisters in San Ignacio, and the new sisters told me that as they were riding home one evening, a group of drunk men on the street started cheering, 'HIRSCHI!!!' after them. I don't know how I am making friends in those circles, but apparently it is happening.

I don’t know. We had a really neat experience with a family we've been working with this week. The wife is not a member, and we've been just building a friendship with them, and helping the dad come back to activity. Slowly yet surely. Heavenly Father blessed us a TON. The dad asked us to really start sharing the message of the restoration with his wife. I was stunned...but I know that God prepares people. Always for this message.

Faith. Man oh man. My faith is coming. It is growing. I know that faith is really powerful. And actually a real power by which we can accomplish miracles. But faith takes being obedient. being exactly obedient is tough on occasion. But nothing can give us the feeling of peace we have when we know we are being faithful to our Heavenly Father.

There's my tidbit.

The church is actually more true this week than it was last week.

Also I love my zone (group of missionaries that are serving in the area) to pieces.

love Sister Hirschi

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