Thursday, April 3, 2014

Di harse gahn!! Escape of Chalupa


Today is a great day in Belize. 

Do you know something I have struggled with on my mission??

Every day, until about 10am...give or take an hour, I think I am on vacation. 

(This would be an interesting vacation…missionaries are up at 6:30 every morning with 30 minutes for exercise, 2 hours of scripture reading and study and another 30 min-1 hour of language study.  Not how I envision vacation mornings!)

Add to that the fact that I am burnin, burnin, burnin…another common characteristic of every vacation I have ever taken.

I am extra crispy and red. EVERY Belizean loves to comment on that fact. I'm all, 'hey I’m tan!' and said Belizean is like, 'you are red. are you ok?'


 Sunblock is good for nothing in this sun. 

 Enough rants on that topic. there is always chemo. [Just between you and me(Alaina’s mom) I contacted the Mission Presidents wife today to get some help on the sunburn issue.]

So something else marginally cool happened this week. At the end of a lesson I found a TARANTULA in my backpack. I remained relatively calm and ordered the investigator to please, kindly, remove the arachnid from my personal item.  He did so without delay, but also noted that if I had enough faith the spider wouldn't have been there. 

 Still working out on sorting the correlation between spiders and faith. It'll come. Give me another week. 

Additionally, Sister R** and I enjoyed dinner with some members last night. They were celebrating a birthday for Dad with the ENTIRE extended family. It also so happened that grandpa had bought the granddaughters a horse that day. 

 A 3000 dollar horse name Chalupa.

 First. Whose grandpa actually buys them a pony?

Second. The horse was tied up outside to the porch. We were all enjoying some birthday cake, when the conversation returned to the horse. Someone nonchalantly decided to check on the whereabouts of Chalupa the pony. Suddenly, all the family members of this large family reunion/birthday party started shouting: DI HARSE GAHN!! (kriol). 

 We sent out a search party for Chalupa. 

It took us about 10 minutes. But we located her in a greener pasture. 

Where is the mission reality TV show? But seriously. Still laughing about that slippery little pony.

Also. I am wondering if everyone else knows of the reality of the power of prayer?? And that God answers prayers? Sometimes REALLY SUPER fast. It will blow your mind. Like it did mine, this week. Because I was struggling with a personal trial this week...and it was not fun in any way, shape, or form. Notice that I have omitted further details.

One night, I got on my knees and poured it all out--but it still hurt. God often lets us to continue to hurt in order to grow a liiiittle bit more. 

But then, the next morning, He comforted me immediately. I opened up a Liahona (a church magazine with articles written by church leaders) right to an article which contained all the answers I needed to be soothed, to move me to repent, and to solve the issue I was confronting. I still hurt, and it wasn't easy to accept the message, but God showed me how to be whole. He knows us. The gospel has alllll the answers. What a gift!

 So. General conference anyone?? (A meeting held every 6 months when the leaders of the LDS church speak to the general membership of the church. There are 5 two hour sessions that are broadcast around the world).  I've never been so excited. Ever. Hahaha. Bring on the revelations!!! I am ready to feast on the word. And this feels like my only connection to the outside world.

I love you all. I love our Heavenly Father. 

As per usual, I implore you all-be righteous. Have a nice week. 


Love Sista Hirschi




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