Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Whatever is happening right now....the result will involve physical pain"


Here comes a quickie. 
I have little time. 
Sorry for always complaining about that. I will repent and do better. 
So what goes down in Belize, you may be asking yourself. The following:
1. Your investigator E*** who is AWESOME and from a tiny town in El Salvador and speaks purely Spanish, wears a BYU football shirt to a lesson you have with him one day. I think I fell down on the ground when I realized what he was wearing. All I could think, "where did you get that shirt.' Still don’t know where he got it. 
2 My bike, Shadowfax, has shown me the meaning of haste on multiple occasions. But this week, he became a living death trap. I was pumping hard--going all out--on this hill that drives me INSANE, when suddenly,  the chain quit. I heard this: 
"asdlfkhdfhadfhad"--that is metal grinding and going nuts.
then I thought this:
"Whatever is happening right now....the result will involve physical pain"
I proceeded to lurch forward, backward, and slam down to the ground. I walked away with only minor injuries, but a strained relationship with Shadowfax. He's trying to murder me. Not grounds for a happy relationship. 
Never a dull moment.
3. Baby cockroaches were living in my retainer case. good. I soaked my retainer in Listerine after that. How else do you disinfect a retainer that was a home to cockroaches?
Additionally, my best friend R*** accepted to be baptized May 11th. It is my birthday present even though he is unaware. Oh I'm so happy!! He has made so many changes in his life. He prays, he doesn’t drink, he comes to church, he feels the spirit, he still makes fun of my physical appearance--mostly my hair. Ah. He loves the Book of Mormon. Because...he reads the Book of Mormon. He always asks for more stories to read. 

Alaina with her last companion, Sis. Reyer (pink), new companion (right)
Apart from that, my comp and I have been engaging in some fun local service projects. We teach English classes 4 nights a week for free which is a huge crowd pleaser. And I love my students, they are so funny. This week we are also helping a local charity run an event!! They serve lunches to kids who don’t have enough to eat. I am excited to work with them. Additionally...we are starting an alcoholics anonymous group. Some senior missionaries in Belize used to host it back in the states...and this is a community in serious need of that kind of help. It’s hard to feel the spirit when you’re totally glazed. I am hoping our area will respond well. So  many people are so lost and so controlled by alcohol. I’ve seen a lot of lives destroyed by liquor. I hate it. Hopefully we can help out a little bit. 
I am doing well. I am not cold. and I love this scripture. 
And Jesus said to him, "'If You can?' All things are possible to him who believes."24Immediately the boy's father cried out and said, "I do believe; help my unbelief." 
Ii believe, help thou mine unbelief. Do you know what I like about this example of Christ’s compassion? He did not scold the man for his doubt. He helped him! It gives me hope for myself. I am doing my best to be faithful and to believe and to increase my belief, and I know it is acceptable to God. He will heal us, and He will help our unbelief. 
I love Jesus Christ. I love Easter. He is risen! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ...and I know through it and the atonement...even our smallest flaws can be mended. 
I love you all. I love to pray. I love America. Please....PLEASE. If you want direction, purpose, and the gospel. Read the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Go to church. Pray pray pray. Keep the commandments. WIth all the energy and feeling of my soul I implore you!!! Trust that these things will bring you joy. I know that they will. 
Be true.
Love, Sister Hirschi


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